1. The source material is an LN series. S4 didn't change much, but a few things were toned down. The story starts getting more serious at this point.

  2. The legs are a little long for the rest of the body, but I like where this is headed.

  3. Ik Nisemonogatari is sort of a meme from anime fans, but Nisemonogatari vol 2 is actually one of the best arcs in the light novel imo. Super focused thematically and practically a buffet for people who are interested in philosophy.

  4. The Vol 1 deals a lot with sexual themes. Its the setup. It's just pretty funny because just about any scene could get you in trouble. It is funny in its own way.

  5. Who cares about that. Don't you want to learn more about Nadeko trying to get Araragi drunk by using chocolate with alcohol in them?

  6. Nadeko trying to roofy Araragi is both funny and terrifying at the same time. Most of the characters are consistent after Nise, but she is especially naughty in that episode. After seeing the Medusa arc, in hindsight, it is frightening.

  7. Although in terms of lore, DAL’s lore isn’t really that big compared to other popular franchises like Irregular at Magic High School, Kingdom Hearts and Kirby.

  8. True. They didn't fill in the background too much. The author didn't have much room for that. The story was already pretty long with him introducing all the Spirits.

  9. But would she say any of that unless someone else said it firsr?

  10. Well, Dinosaurs are a kind of reptile, so I guess that fits.

  11. I don't use my SoFi account for anything but holding on to my long term money to make interest. So far, for that, it has been fine. If I had to actually deal with them as a bank, I might be more concerned.

  12. Ougi's abilities as a aberration means they adapt to whoever they are haunting at the moment. I don't think they have a stable gender. Gender isn't something that means anything to oddities because that is a biproduct of sexual reproduction, which they don't do.

  13. Am I the only person freaked out by the disembodied face just chilling in the boxes?

  14. Not gonna lie, I've never developed an attachment for her. When she Para raided to all the remaining 86 was pretty dope. I'm just not into the sheltered, cutesy thing. There are scene later in the LN that are just embarrassing.

  15. As of right now, the author hasn't settled Shido down with anyone one Spirit.

  16. He’s right. Currently with Encore 10+ being the epilogue of the main story, it’s still open ended in terms of romance.

  17. I'm still not ruling out a writhing fleshpile ending.

  18. It's your life and you can do what you want. If you don't like it, don't watch, but I think you will be missing out. It is a great series with interesting characters, great art, and a unique story.

  19. Usually when I’m watching something if it doesn’t appeal to me instantly I just stop watching it, this is why I’m even asking. I don’t want to waste my time, event thought Vanitas looks interesting.

  20. I think it is worth while. That one thing shouldn't dissuade you if you found the art, characters, or setup interesting. If you found it boring, then move on.

  21. They are worth reading so you can take in the story at your own pace. The dialog is very fast in the anime, and sometimes I found it hard to catch everything.

  22. Same. I watched the anime well after it came out. I was curious about all the controversy around it, and wanted to see what the fuss was. At first I thought "wow, this girl is kind of a B." But I've seen enough shows by now to know authors often feed the audience a misdirect and then pull a swicheroo. Senpai isn't the most original character in the world, and neither is the basic romance setup. However I found Nagatoro's character to be different and interesting. She is hyper, athletic, and petite in a way that seems refreshingly realistic to me. Some of the female love interests in these types of shows are carbon copies of a fantasy archetype. Nagatoro isn't that. The only thing that is missing for me is I'd like to know more about why she is the way she is, and if there was a specific moment in her life when she decided that regular dudes aren't worth her time.

  23. It is the exact same article posted months apart. Not a good sign. I'd love for it to be true, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

  24. Her choking that girl out was pretty damn funny.

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