1. am i the only one that enjoyed using it purely because the poison damage was so satisfying? not even trying to do max dps i just loved watching the poison go to town

  2. Your username says it all! Unless it is to get a newer GLI of course 😉😂

  3. Lmfao I felt it as soon as I looked at the picture but couldn’t think of how to describe it.. thank you for this comment 😂😂😂

  4. Between those 2 amps, the kicker is vastly superior in every way to the Skar amp.

  5. In what ways is it superior? Genuinely curious because it appears to NOT be better in a price to power/performance standpoint.

  6. Well, the Kicker amps are built better, designed better, and have a better build quality. Kicker itself has a better QC department and customer service if needed. Those CXA amps will do the same power at 1 and 2 ohms, fighting impedance rise some. So if you're wired to 1 ohm, you will be delivering more power to the subwoofer playing music. Lastly, I watched a video once where Kicker hooked a CXA amp up to the dyno, then they kept dropping the voltage, and it still was putting out over-rated power. I think they dropped out down before 9 volts. That's a very cool design feature, in my opinion. They can take a beating!

  7. Honestly I am sold. Thank you for the info! I’m a skar fan at heart, i must admit🤭😂😂 may consider one of these amps in a future build though 👌🏼

  8. Botanist has good distillate carts. I have asthma and they are one of the few that aren’t irritating to my lungs (for some reason - live resin vapes seem to be the most irritating). I’ve had their sophora in both flower and cart form.

  9. Another vote for botanist here 🙋🏻‍♂️ they have amazing carts and they are absolutely the cheapest in the program

  10. Fuck i don’t know how to give an award to give but you deserve it

  11. What does a baseball card in a bike spike sound like?

  12. Lmfao this is the perfect description for that rattle 😂😂

  13. Just gotta look around. Got my 22 GLI at MSRP with no adds or anything in late July.

  14. Yes they can be had for MSRP. Just got to shop around. Bought my 21 GLI about 9 months ago at exactly MSRP. Dealership was 450 miles from me but that just made for a nice road trip back in the new whip

  15. Remember scrapping resin out of a pipe when smoking flower?! Same thing but with extracts.

  16. Okay but let’s not act like reclaim is nearly as gross as resin from bud 😂😂

  17. Beautiful car! Just went and checked out your post about the other one and man that would’ve sucked. Glad you are okay and you’re behind the wheel of another GLI! (In a better color in my opinion) 😉

  18. I hope your experience will be better than mine - I owned the car for all of 2 months and I had new rattles popping up every day. One in the dash, one in the mirror housing, one in the sunroof, one in the passenger side A pillar, and of course the fuel line and soundaktor rattles came and went. My power seat also crapped out in 3000km, fixed under warranty.

  19. Aw man the rattles are intense. 5,000 miles on the clock and I have had 4 different rattles, with the newest one literally making me not want to drive my car (coming from front passenger door area and is super loud in decel around 2k RPM)

  20. I’ve heard many good things about these tires but man you need to keep those wheels clean!!

  21. The VW dealership I just picked up my dsg 7.5 from last week told me they do APR tunes on them

  22. The VW dealership will put the tune on it? Does it keep the warranty?

  23. So if you do an APR tune, which is what my local dealership uses, APR absorbs the manufacturer warranty as their own.

  24. Oh alright, thank you for the reply! i just now realized this post if from 2+ years ago lolol

  25. I’m really curious, why do people cover their license plates in pictures? If it is on display to everybody on the road, what’s the point in covering it up?

  26. They’re a great tire, have had them hem in my GLI for 2 years now, stock Kinnergy gt tires are so terrible it’s no comparison they’re hugely better in every metric.

  27. I just took my car on a 2 hour highway drive in some pretty heavy rain and can confirm I did not even feel safe going above 60 mph. Anytime i hit the gas to accelerate the slightest bit the traction control would kick on and it felt like I’d hydroplane every time

  28. I’ve run them for two seasons in the snow, including up to the ski hills, they’re very good for an all season and perfectly usable in most conditions.

  29. Yes of course winter tires will out perform all seasons. I had an RSX with winter/summers and that thing literally was a tank in the snow with the winters on. Never feared getting stuck in and amount of snow in that tiny FWD car

  30. I thought RSO had fats or lipids in it or something that made it unsafe for vaporization

  31. Is this on the inside and are you running the a/c? Even when running the heat in cold weather, you need to have the a/c compressor running to dry out the air. Turn it on and watch the fog go away.

  32. Idk about that one, I go out of my way to turn off the AC in the winter (in my mind it’s using more gas and robbing me of horsepower, whether or not that is true with the heat running). I have never had a single issue with fog on the insides of my windows. If they get foggy just set it to defrost and blast some heat on it and it clears right up.

  33. Keychron k4 on amazon. Hotswappable. I got mine with the gateron gpro brown switches. Super nice build quality and beautiful stock sound with typing

  34. Why replace the beautiful looking stock headlights?

  35. What a dumb spot to put your registration sticker too, it’s literally covering part of the plate number. What is up with this guy lol

  36. Lol I just noticed that too

  37. Wishing your mother the best! It was so difficult watching my mom go through that, but she is 4 years cancer free now!! She’ll kick cancers butt 💪🏼

  38. Was thinking about getting these tires.. curious to see what other people have to say about it

  39. i drive with everything sport expect the sound and the shifting. I don’t like how it shifts higher in the sport mode while normal driving.

  40. I got my 21 in March this year… do I need to start worrying? 😂

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