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  1. i have noticed this too after the car gets wet and sits for a day or more. i think it is just rust developing on the rotors and the noise is just the pads breaking loose from the rotors. this is my first car with an electric ebrake so that could be something to do with it too

  2. i did the same some years ago. went from late september/early oct to about the end through april...maybe a little into may if i started late. two harvests per year. it smelled upon walking up the house even with filters hence i am inside now....also no wife anymore...that helps.

  3. your comment about the wife and then reading your name made me giggle

  4. those wheels look great!! makes me miss my baby ❤️🥲

  5. Wrecked my baby at 270k 2 years ago and parked it. guarantee i could go change the oil and throw a jump pack on it and turn the key and it’ll fire right up. these engines are a masterpiece 🫶🏻

  6. I got my 06 recently from another redditor. Tags had been out since 2016 I believe, he said it hadn’t started in over a year. Whatever time it actually was, I took my battery off my 02 and threw it on the 06, started after 3 seconds. Changed all the fluids and it rips perfectly.

  7. hell yeah man, my RSX is my all time favorite car. recently had a 2019 fiesta ST and now onto a 2021 Jetta GLI.

  8. distillate does nothing for me, which all of the cheaper carts are distillate. but full spectrum and live resin/rosin really smack me good. Klutch, butterfly effect, and firelands are easily my top 3 in price and noise 🔥

  9. Man I've tried them all hoping to see what all the hype is about but all I got was a sore throat and a headache. Full spectrum,live resin,distillate.....they all taste the same to me and I hardly get a buzz from any of em.

  10. interesting. have you by chance looked at the thc percentages on the boxes of carts? i’ve noticed if they have THCa and not just THC then they don’t really hit me, but ones with THC hit me like a truck. just an observation, idk what the difference between thc and thca is

  11. Move on to the 2023 Integra. Much better, safer, more tech and overall structural integrity than the past ones.

  12. you must work at a dealership…

  13. 3-4k just because I like feeling the oomph. If you're trying to save gas shift at 2k

  14. unless you just drop the clutch at 3-4k you are causing a lot of unnecessary wear on it taking off regularly like that

  15. what do you mean records? what records do they require?

  16. where was this sold and how much did it run you? almost an eighth of wax!! never seen anything over 1.7!

  17. If you're "losing" gas, I would suggest locating where the fuel is leaking from ASAP.

  18. lmfaoooo was gonna say this 😂

  19. I ran the Hankooks that came on the car over the winter up here in Canada.I read on the mk7 Facebook group where everyone said they were horrible but I didn’t find winter driving too bad however I didn’t travel far and never in a snowstorm. This spring I felt like they didnt have much grip a few times and launching the car they don’t catch much.last week driving home in the rain I almost hydroplaned a few times and the car felt like I was driving on marbles. I’m getting rid of these as soon as they are worn out. I did buy a set of winters already so I don’t have to run them anymore.

  20. hmmm that’s weird they have issues with water but not so much snow… but thank you very much for the info!

  21. I have CrossClimate Plus on the Alltrack but that's a bit of a horse of a different color. Are you looking for performance or comfort tires? If the former, two sets is best. If the latter, what everyone else has recommended so far would be great.

  22. i would say more performance tires, i love going fast and zipping through windy roads.. just scared to get brave with this car without a rubber upgrade

  23. this dudes just salty. came at me for asking a question on a reddit calling me a “simpleton” lol BTW is that the keychron K4?

  24. i think you’re thinking of membrane keyboards? they’re sort of a squishy feeling. go to best buy or microcenter and feel keyboards to see what kind of feel you like

  25. With Verano, first you contact the dispensary. If the dispensary says that it needs to be moved over to Verano, contact Verano using this link:

  26. Thank you very much for this information! i will give that a shot!! You the man 🤙🏼

  27. I’d take a hair dryer and blast some warm air over the closed jar and see if you can melt the goodies back down in the jar with their friends

  28. unfortunately most of it is on the glass threads on the outside of the container

  29. I stay in hotels fairly often and always bring by dab rig and I've never had it set off a smoke detector. They need more than just a couple dab hits to go off. Even if your sitting right under it it shouldn't go off from a couple dabs.

  30. umm this is false. i stayed in a hotel with my nectar collector and i am good at making no extra smoke besides what goes in my mouth, and i blew it into a roll of toilet paper (heard this gets rid of the smoke). resulting in basically no smoke and the detector still went off and i got a call from the front desk asking if everything is okay and i’m coughing my ass off “yeah everything is good” 😂😂

  31. The paper towel roll trick doesn't get rid of smoke. It does however make the smoke that's blown through it smell like fabric softener and not pot...

  32. and vice versa? the toilet paper now smells like pot? 😂😂

  33. a Gigantic box that flashes in front of your face every time you go through your vault. idk about you but that gets very annoying.

  34. but the box that “flashes in your face” is giving you relative information that MOST people on the game use. and the box is small.. and it’s not like it doesn’t go away if you move your mouse away from the item

  35. I can vouch for the 560. I've owned mine for years and actually prefer it to the Focal Elex that I bought.

  36. i see yours says modded he560. what mods did you do to it and did it improve?

  37. Hifiman in general likes to drop prices of their models with subsequent versions. The Edition XS is a $500 headphone that is essentially the V4 version of the original Edition X ($1300). They also released the V3 previously (Ananda, $700).

  38. Thank you for this info!! I have heard a lot about the sundara’s and was thinking about ordering some, but if the sound is similar i will probably just rock what i have!

  39. that looks amazing! how much would this cost for both side emblems?

  40. I’m waiting for my client to test out the install and fit, and once he gives me a bit of feedback, they’ll be up. Due to the complexity of the cut and the process, I’m looking at around $30.

  41. sheesh you could probably charge more, ill probably order some for myself here soon. do you have a link to buy them yet?

  42. It’s amazing that <$4k liters of distillate are selling for 100 a cart in 2022. straight up offensive.

  43. “Less than 4,000 dollars liters of distillate are selling for 100 in a cart”

  44. Liters of legal distillate are going for well under $4000, these carts are selling for $100. I find it hilarious that people are still paying such high dollar amounts for something so cheap… it’s literally $3-4 dollars worth of distillate.

  45. oh snap i did not know that about the liters.. i’ve always wondered how much the carts cost to produce to know how much i’m getting ripped off in ohio 😂 but thanks for the info

  46. I got a call from the dealership that had the 14 Jetta GLI saying that the sell fell through but it's too late now haha I bought the Fiesta ST 😅

  47. well, i don’t have a kid so i can’t give any insight to the whole car seat situation, but you got yourself one extremely fun car to drive, congratulations and welcome to the family

  48. I want a sporty fun manual car in my life haha, I was gonna buy a 2014 VW Jetta GLI manual but it sold immediately

  49. owned a 2019 FiST and got tboned and totaled so i got an upgrade to a 2021 jetta GLI and i must say the GLI is just as fun to drive as the fiesta and has LOADS more room AND looks pretty damn good lol

  50. no honestly they get the job done. not the best flavor but you can make it last at least a full day at work smoking at least 5 or 6 times through the day. i used one of these as a replacement for carts (to smoke away from the house and i learned that tacky like shatter seems to be the best consistency to use in the summer and saucy wax is the best in the winter/cold time

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