1. Nice pick and all but mmmmmm wera...

  2. It is. 6 top pins and 5 side pins The side pins are serrated and this one has barrel top drivers. You can watch a pick and gut on my channel too, if you like. Or search YouTube for it and watch a quicker pick.

  3. Thanks for the shout out, and well done! Also, the uncut video is on my channel on YouTube “hogmaster13”.

  4. I’m working on one of those I found in a drawer any chance you’d be willing to educate me on that side pin. I’ve gone at it from the front and even cheated and tried the back but not having luck.

  5. Nice find! The warding makes the side pin a little tricky to get to, which is why I ended up using basically just a pick shaft to get to it. Make sure you’re trying to lift it instead of pushing it (an easy mistake to make if you’re used to other detent mechanisms like on medeco bilevels and others) Also, it doesn’t always bind last, so you might have to check it at different points. Once you get it, you might still have some other pins to pick because of that, so go back and check those if you feel like the side pin did something.

  6. I did the same thing, and learned not to turn it 90° unless you take precaution like using a plug turner or block the keyway. My fix was to buy a new one and to hopefully remember not to do that on locks where I don’t know if they’ll dump their pins into the keyway. But I probably will do it again… 🤣

  7. Thanks! Jealous i don't get to keep it....


  9. “It worked fine last time I tried, but now you made a key for it and it and it won’t start”

  10. Congratulations! That is a very difficult HPC lock. I have one the gives nice feedback on the top rows. But when I start adding pins from the bottom rows I loose most of the feedback. I'm using gorilla tension as well. Now I'm at a loss on how to progress any further.

  11. I tried really high tension and had a similar problem. I’d get a few really nice click, and then nothing.

  12. That move at the end there is something I like to call the ol’ “Georgia Speed Gut”. Also known as the “Sad Assa”.

  13. Thank you, Master, I will buy them, do you have expirence in MTL 7x7?

  14. That’s another fun dimple lock for sure, they’re just harder to find than the ones I mentioned.

  15. Coming from a fine connaisseur 😉

  16. Sometimes the back is crimped in a spot to hold the plug in. Does it look like maybe that’s the case?

  17. Chuck Norlin gives sage advice. I think one thing that a lot of people miss is the focus, which he explains is typically much better if you try to film. I often watch movies or shows while I pick, sure, but when it’s time to really figure out what’s going on with a lock or learn the feel of a different type of pin it’s best to pause those things. Most people only do that when they’re trying to film (I’m guessing). You are best served by listening closely to the sound, to watch the plug for movement, and to attune yourself to the little jerks and jolts felt in the pick and the turning tool, or through the body of the lock. Use the force… feel it flowing through you and… oops, that’s for something else. 😜

  18. Somebody is trying to sell m4s to his customers as “unpickable” 🤔

  19. Excellent pick Man! What do you think about this lock? How would you classify it?

  20. Thanks! I’d put it at about red. It was pretty tough, but not quite what I expect from a black belt lock.

  21. I understand you, for me the line between difficult red and BB1 is sometimes so small that it's hard for me to relate. When I found a way to Megacross SP it was relatively easy, but until then it was really hard.

  22. That’s true, it was very difficult to start to figure it out. Once you get 3 or 4 of those evil pins in there, it’s so tricky. Assa 700 is that way. One pin is very easy, but then after you have a few in, it’s very challenging until you get the feel for it.

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