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  1. Solar panel arrays are easily $10-30k depending on the solar installation. And the only thing you get from that is a lower electric bill, in terms of actual functional difference to your house.

  2. Most states have solar programs that significantly subsidize the cost to homeowners. My friend's panels paid for themselves in 5 years.

  3. Not disagreeing with you on the rape but, but if you have a child with someone you should try your best to make it work, for the child's sake. You forego some freedom when you have a child.

  4. The child would be better off in a household with one stable parents than in one with two unhappy, unstable parents. Period.

  5. I'm not denying that just saying that people need to try more for the sake of their child.

  6. Honestly, all your requirements still fit MSP, especially the Loring Park neighborhood.

  7. While it may not be dead, I saw far more human shit on the sidewalks than I anticipated.

  8. Why’d they have to go dick to butt?

  9. As someone who watched the show, I have no fucking idea what this is

  10. Galadriel doesn't have Nenya. Elrond and Galadriel were not capable of such protective "magic' powers before they used their rings ass far as the text goes. This isn't DnD Elves

  11. It ain't Tolkien elves either. Never saw any mention in the books of elves sucking volts outta mithril.

  12. Looks like everyone is and that is the problem lmao

  13. let me guess, they said something like "man sues company for throwing him a birthday party" similar to the McDonald's hot coffee case?

  14. To be fair, I know (and dated) someone who uses she/they "for political reasons". They aren't nonbinary; they just use the pronouns.

  15. Yeah, I think they might die without it. They also have a habit of invalidating their partners' identities.

  16. I seduce her? I'm sorry, is this some kind of straight joke I'm too lesbian to understand?

  17. Honestly, I have no problem being approached by other trans people in public. No one identifies trans people better than trans people.

  18. Can you give example other than dbd

  19. Natural gas lines will rupture and burst. The country will be consumed by literal geysers of fire.

  20. These protesters need to organize on a national level or this will all come to nothing and all the deaths of these brave protesters will be in vain. They need to syncronize the protests so they are occuring at the same time, and they need to rally the population and get all disgruntled sections out in support, the teachers, the miners, everybody with a grievance. Stop making it about hijabs and more about revolution.

  21. Uh, cool? You do realize the Iranian govt shut down internet and telecommunications, right? How do you suppose protesters could properly organize?

  22. Girl ffs. If she cheats with you, she'll cheat on you. Honestly, do you think she was loyal to you?

  23. As a fellow survivor, I'm begging you to leave. While you're with her, you will never be able to see the situation clearly. You might still love her, but right now you need to love yourself more. There are no second chances. The relationship ended that night.

  24. Uh, men were out cheating on their wives quite a fucking bit back in the 40s and 50s. The difference was the inaccessibility of divorce and a workforce hostile to women.

  25. Hi - DC/NYC native who has lived in the Upper Midwest for nearly 20 years, and in the Twin Cities - St. Paul in particular - for nearly 10 now.

  26. Word of warning regarding Mac-Groveland: You will see the most nightmarish, Lovecraftian rabbits in existence. Seriously. Think Cthulhu's mouth but on a bunny.

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