1. So it appears they are trashing what appears to be a Walmart.

  2. Inhaling 100% hydrogen is safe for only a few breaths.

  3. Very nice! Richard Lage is a genius who has made this inaccurate bullet hose into a controllable, modern, 9 mm submachine gun.

  4. As others have said it is the Danish camo pattern It is being phased out. As Multi cam continues its March to total world domination.

  5. It's honestly kinda ridiculous. Vermont has had some of the most lax gun laws in the country for its entire existence and some of the lowest crime in the country, if not the lowest. And yet, somehow guns need to be restricted, laws need to be changed, etc. For what? What problem in Vermont exists that these laws are designed to fix?

  6. These videos are so weird. Why are we setting crimes against humanity to music?

  7. Anti-personnel mines are banned under the Geneva convention yet people here won’t admit that Ukrainians have committed war crimes.

  8. You are incorrect. Mines are not banned by the Geneva convention

  9. Because these stories originate in the human mind. There is a common architecture in all human brains so these same stories appearing all over the world reflect the basic structure of the brain.

  10. Black is obviously Effective in animal camouflage.

  11. I have the same rifle and now that I’m 65 and my eyes are failing, I find that I need a red dot on all my AR’s and AK’s.

  12. Fucking Russians, firing at completely random places

  13. They say the Abu Hajaar is still rolling until today

  14. Personally I wouldn't waste the money on carry insurance, especially here in Florida where the self defense laws are so strong.

  15. Hmm. Need to look into it. Last time I checked plans from different companies, it all seemed around $40-50 per month.

  16. Ccw safe is by far the best self defense insurance.

  17. Nexus has the best ventilation system of any indoor range.

  18. A lot depends on if you want other people to be able to use the items.

  19. This is very well done. Especially what he has done to the gun.

  20. As taboo pineapple said below, the Aug has an incredible amount of flash coming out of the piston vent. It travels at a right angle away from the barrel.

  21. There is an excellent new outdoor range in West Palm.

  22. I live somewhat close and am interested I saw online, what are prices like? I’m looking to do pistol USPSA type drills

  23. You’ll have to look up the prices online. I don’t remember offhand

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