1. THIS! Also its so hard to find jobs if you don't already have connections to the lab... most hire internally

  2. Watch death in the dorms episode 1 on Hulu.... Westwood is a safe area but locking your doors is non-negotiable in my opinion.

  3. yes - in my area Phlebotomy is three months with an extra 80 hours after that. A medical assistant cert is nine months - 2 years. I dont know how other people are being trained on the job. i dont live in a metro area so the only choice is through the local CC and they drag it out. Honestly for me it is easier to just work a regular job and volunteer.

  4. EXACTLY my issue. I don't think it worth getting certified so I might do something similar

  5. I highly recommend seeing a vet for any bumps, especially if they grow. My dog had a random small bump on his snout one day and within a few weeks he was diagnosed with a late stage soft tissue cancer. It's probably nothing BUT it never hurts to get checked

  6. HIGHLY suggest getting insurance!! Shots, spay/neuter, visits for injuries, X-rays etc all add up so quickly

  7. What pet insurance covers preventive measures like spaying and neutering? I’ve never heard of that.

  8. So there's regular insurance (which I believe covers only accidents/illnesses) and pet wellness plans which you can add onto insurance and those cover preventative care.

  9. I have similar stats, manifesting this energy for my app cycle this year <3

  10. I had a really bad reaction to one of the medications during wisdom tooth removal (maybe sedation or the pain killers) and was sick for DAYS! I would reschedule the surgery to the week after personally

  11. As others said, doberman do take a while to grow out of the puppy/chewing phase but there are things you can absolutely do to control/reduce the behavior.

  12. I've done both (you should always switch gradually though) and both times have never seen blood or mucous in any diarrhea

  13. Got his old food and started mixing in gradually today also added some Fortiflora per the Vets recommendation, everything seems back to normal. Thank you so much!

  14. None of the schools (maybe some FL one but idk about FL schools) you have on this list are stat whores, so I think your time is better off working on your ECs. I had good results as a CA ORM 3.74/513 applicant this year, your stats won’t hold you back with this school list

  15. We have super similar stats and I am also a CA resident and ORM. Do you mind sharing your school list/schools you got love from?

  16. We used a baby play pen and had a bed, food, water toys etc. while we were gone. (Making suer he got exercise/potty time before and after we left) a crate might be a little small for 8 hours

  17. Wait so it’s $75 for them to just listen to you and tell you if it’s bad or not?

  18. That's a lot better than the cost of a visit to a veterinary ER

  19. I personally plan to remove / cover everything. After all of the hard work we've put in I don't want my nose stud to be the reason I don't get in.

  20. If you have a retirement home or living facility for the elderly I volunteer at one and it sounds like something you might like. A lot of close personal connections, helping them with small tasks, forming relationships and keeping them company etc.. (this was of course lessened by covid but it is slowly going back to normal)

  21. I would try a different diet there's definitely something in her environment she is allergic to... Some things you could consider changing too see if it helps:

  22. I absolutely recommend tracking its growth and emphasizing to your vet that it is fast growing. My boy (2 years old) had a small bump on his muzzle, which was very fast growing, and we were told it was likely just a fatty tumor... NOPE it was cancer! Praying you have a different outcome :(

  23. Within a month or two it quadrupled in size (if not more)

  24. Depends on the position. There are volunteer positions where you receive volunteer hours (which you can use for grad school applications, etc). There are hired, paid research assistants and there are positions available for course credit. I assume you will not be paid in a position you are also receiving course credit for.

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