1. WILDDDD chance here, but did you ever solve this? Our software updates are breaking now and our registry.pol files are all a few months old.

  2. Nope, sorry. Still happens from time to time.

  3. You acutally see him a second time. Same with the guy with the huge red glasses.

  4. They also have nice discounts throughout the year

  5. Catalyst is such a great book!!! ESP when you watch Rogue one right after

  6. Oh I love it! Absolutely fantastic. You know what? In 20 days starts Andor! What a great time to be Star Wars fan.

  7. I prefer the one from Wookieepedia

  8. In Episode 7 in the Rathtar scene the security cameras helped a lot. But thinking about Rebels or TCW… indeed not many cameras. My in universe explanation would be that it is easy to delete. I mean R2 basically can access every console, lift, door etc. So I assume it is easy deleting these recordings.

  9. It‘ll be better than last season.

  10. What song is George Lucas listening to? Wrong answers only.

  11. I watched it with my son (6). He of course really liked it. No wonder, he is the target audience.

  12. Impossible. Perhaps the archives are incomplete.

  13. Well, you can Exclude Collection App1 in App2 Collection.

  14. Does not work because it's vice versa.

  15. Our neighbours one is called Martin Router King.

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