Wakey wakey

A glowing commendation for all to see

Did somebody say 'Murica?

This note left on my car

I'm catching the vibration

Sometimes you just got to dance with the doots.

Hope to make it to the other side.

That was fun, but I'm glad to be back

  1. We usually don't put the dogs' collars on while at home, especially since we have a fenced in back yard. So when he went missing, he had no ID. But now!!! Old Man will be wearing his forever and ever now. I don't want to do that again.

  2. I'm so glad this turned out well for you. I added an Apple Tag to my dogs collar in a waterproof gizmo. Cost? Under $50.00

  3. You need a survey to prove who owns the wall. In NC a deed won’t transfer until ownership is established.

  4. If it's in AZ which it looks like it would be a shared wall if the builder of the development placed it there. So it's a real possibility it's shared. If it's a single family home it would depend on the year it was built.

  5. Yeah, here in NC there would be deed issues.

  6. Marjorie Trailer Trash Greene, Super Genius.

  7. Starts sentence with the word "Literally", misusing it like every other 12 year old in the country. Also, everyone knows we're gonna use them "Jewish space lasers", Marj. /s

  8. I towed all over the eastern seaboard with one of these rigs, and a good WDH. Wish I still had it.

  9. Hungry kids and underpaid teachers. Great job GQP

  10. If these aren’t spot on, I don’t know what is!!

  11. This is the true king of rock and roll and John Lennon and some woman imitating a chicken.

  12. It’s started. They’re advertising for heir corporate overlords.

  13. You might want to ask yourself how did I get here? This guy needs a good coup.

  14. Every story about this despicable miscreant should begin “REPUBLICAN George Santos…” to remind the public who in their right minds would tolerate a piece of garbage like this.

  15. I mask around headlights with blue tape, and make sure they're as clean as I can get them, then it's following the directions. It's not hard, but it is time consuming. Worth it though.

  16. Good luck with it. Just take your time and follow the directions

  17. Think it depends on the Audi and the watch collection? Or maybe I’m wrong.

  18. I didn't even have to read the story to know this was a black man.

  19. 95 is a dumpster fire of a road anyway, I avoid at all costs.

  20. I have that exact saw. The one in the picture isn't stock though; it's been fitted with a larger blade and a different shroud / guard. Mine is all green, and it's from 1957. Works like brand new. Love that saw! Greatest saw ever made IMO. That thing will cut laser straight in any direction. Cast iron arm. Can be used to miter, compound miter, as a shaper, to rip lumber, a moulder, even a router and a disc sander. Can be fitted with a dado stack for dados and rabbets. Thing is just straight-up awesome! They don't make shit like this anymore.

  21. I came here to say the same thing I have a 56.

  22. Crimmal’s who break and enter do occasionally get murdered, Marj.

  23. Well, DJT claimed he had a better health care plan. We are still waiting to see it.

  24. Jesus, I felt that! Hope she's ok, that kinda bump can kill you. I have to ask though, why are people always trying to do this barefoot?

  25. Ozone generators do an ok job of getting rid of smoke. I bought a car that had been very lightly smoked in and an ozone generator. Been 2 years and I can still get a tiny bit of smell when I turn on AC or heat. Nobody but me notices it.

  26. Lived near Oil City in the 70s some gorgeous homes there

  27. I was in Knox which had a population of like 1500

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