1. She's using the own words of Natalie Elphicke against her.

  2. Those oven ready trade deals are bound to kick in any time now

  3. But it's too expensive to use my oven, do you have any microwave ready trade deals?

  4. At 1.3 kWh!!! It'll still be raw by the time my electricity meter cuts out.

  5. nnc0 says:

    How can the UK be exporting gas to the EU when heating costs at home are going through the roof?

  6. Don't worry about it, and don't worry about the billions in profits being made... oh look over there! A bloomin foreigner is comin over ere in a dinghy nickin my job and hooouse!!

  7. Gillian McKeith, the lady that collects faeces in Tupperware.

  8. Trade group head says ministers have been slow in responding to her concerns

  9. Right wingers and republicans just can't get enough cocks. Hunters cock, Trans cock, passing laws so they can look at children's privates.

  10. Definitely a freakout, but these clips just make me sad now. I can't laugh at someone destroying their lives and suffering from addiction.

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