1. You won't be able to find the version you watched. The music you're speaking of was Kenji Yamamoto's score, which was removed and replaced with Shunsuke Kikuchi's original Z score due to plagiarism and infringement issues on Yamamoto's part for his score.

  2. Oh man that’s a bummer, well at least I know I wasn’t crazy

  3. It doesn’t exist in Ireland but it was simpler than saying “crossing before the light goes green” haha

  4. When is the presentation and when did you email her? It’s possible she just missed the email. Try bumping your first message again.

  5. It was on Thursday…I emailed her Thursday morning letting her know I wouldn’t be in

  6. Ah, well bump the email anyways on Monday or Tuesday asking if theres any way you can make it up, include proof of the test. If the covid test didn’t come in earlier for you to let her know ahead of time, I think rescheduling would be reasonable. If she still doesn’t respond escalate to head of the dept

  7. Yeah I wonder what the problem with the bottom are, definitely isn’t something underlying

  8. Able to predict his design? Bro you're reaching way to hard. They just designed the character to fit the series. No one at that time had any sort of clue that Cell would ever be a thing. Stop trying to make connections that aren't there.

  9. God damn bro, you’re the one that’s reaching, I was saying that of course that’s impossible so how did they know the types of mouth Toriyama would use for Cell but Toriyama actually designed the Arlians so it makes sense, y’all are insufferable

  10. Oh sorry, I forgot how you pointed out that it's impossible in your initial post...oh wait, you didn't. There is literally no connection here. It's a Toriyama style character so yeah it's similar to other character designs. In no way was Cell on anyone's mind while designing these characters.

  11. He wouldn't just need to move out. They'd need to get a divorce. It's unlikely you'll be able to talk someone into that if they haven't already made the decision themselves.

  12. Oh shit I should have mentioned a key detail that they’re not legally married, idk what to call it but it was kind of a cultural marriage? She can’t get married until the divorce is through with my bio dad

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