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  1. For me, I’m quick to indignation and get kissed off easily. So when someone accuses me of lying when I’m telling the truth, I act like a defensive liar.

  2. Oh of course I go on dates with some of them, hang out, with the same topics I discussed,

  3. So there are no sexual moves on any of these dates?

  4. Yeah that might be it, I’m just not comfortable with it, it sounds stupid I know

  5. 😐😐😐😐i've always had sympathy towards emmett till bc he was innocent, even more so, jesus christ now i'm disappointed

  6. Even if he did whistle it was still too far, the mutilated the poor boy

  7. You're post might get removed, but what you need to do is make yourself as invisible to them as possible. Nothing else will work.

  8. I wish we could but I don’t own the house, shitty thing to place it beside there too

  9. Nvm you're just dumb as fuck there's no excuse for you

  10. You really edited your post after my comment what a sore loser

  11. I can already see the Yoruichi race debates going on with the guy with the white hair

  12. Bahahahahahagagagag. They actually give a fuck about equality. What a looser, amiright!!!

  13. Can you see the word EQUAL in equality yes? Do you really think sexual harassment on public transport has as much to men as women? Not saying it doesn’t happen to men but it happens way less, so yeah making it about men on an art piece made to depict the struggles women go through is pretty cringe

  14. My by brothers and sisters in Christ this sub doesn’t have a nude women problem, there is plenty of normal non sexual art posted here every day, do you know what happens to them though? They’re not seen and do you know why that is? It’s because a lot of horny mfs on here are constantly putting these in the popular page, has nothing to do with the posters of this sub, the ability to be able to post nsfw posts it was inevitable that this would happen

  15. I find it hard to believe they looked at a death certificate and said, "show us more proof"

  16. I did, I said “I’m not quite sure what you’re actually looking for as this is all I have” to which they replied “in order to progress with your application we will need additional documents” I’m starting to think it’s automated

  17. Provide the documents they're asking for.

  18. They’re not telling me the documents though they just keep saying we need more documents

  19. Just being called Adolf doesn't make someone racist or evil.

  20. Purposefully misconstrued what I say, get upvotes from other like minded people that can’t see the truth or want to ignore it, rinse and repeat, this sub is garbage. I’m not engaging further with this I’m leaving this up if you agree you agree if you don’t you don’t I said what I said anyway

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