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  1. If you're sharing with a few people I really like getting an order of their cumin potatoes.

  2. The cumin potatoes dropped from the menu and i’m unhappy about it.

  3. You can still get them if you call. Not on online menu!

  4. Trinity noon meets seven days a week. Weekdays it’s a hybrid meeting. DM me if you’d like the zoom code.

  5. What do i need to do to understand why people are crazy for Sheetz?

  6. It's been 6 years since my FIL passed away. The Kobacker House was professional and supportive. I won't forget.

  7. I almost broke mine in a tree. I spun it out when I realized I had bent the shit out of it!

  8. What were you doing trying to cork screw a tree? I am only imagining a kid goofing off but maybe I’m wrong?

  9. I had some from ding ho earlier this month that were awesome. They may be americanized but my americanized pie hole loved them.

  10. Food Hamati on Sawmill in the stripmall near Cranston. Oooof it’s good.

  11. I’d like this better if there was an criteria for when they would restart daily reporting. I feel the same about masks too.

  12. The entire country seems hellbent on spiking the football early. No way anyone will want to go back now - to daily reporting, mask mandates, etc. - if/when a new variant pops up. It's like everyone forgot what happened after June 2021.

  13. Agreed. I did just figure out they will still announce weekly so thats heartening. We may be ‘moving to an endemic phase’ but that doesn’t mean it goes away.

  14. With diesel pushing $5/gal, who the f&ck is financing these trucker convoys?

  15. The Koch brothers. Thats my answer for most things like this these days (CRT! School boards! Other pearl clutching movements!).

  16. I’m glad you brought this up. For whoever is interested in this, I’m absolutely willing to identify myself when I can just make sure it’s not someone in the church trying to out us or sabotage our offer. I have had xenoids contact me because of previous posts trying to get identifiable information. Rest assured, I’m a fairly well known former member (along with my friend group of former members) and I just have a heart for people who are hurting and stuck as I once was. Feeling trapped there is such an emotionally arresting place to be in your life and just want to be a safe resource for someone who needs to get out.

  17. It would be great to pull resources to set up a website that would vet requests and contact available volunteers. I gotta think there are people here that know how to do this. I wish i did!

  18. I’ve only been a few times but Fukuryu Ramen in UA has never been disappointing.

  19. This was my (recent) introduction to ramen. I can’t believe i went for so long without it!

  20. I came from xenos as a child. I was coerced into sending nude pictures to 17 year olds in my youth group when I was 12. They encouraged me to drink and smoke. They made a friend break up with his girlfriend to live in ministry housing. They told me I was going to hell for being bisexual. Fuck that place.

  21. Oh, that’s terrible. So sad. I’m sorry that happened to you and hope you’re on the road to healing.

  22. I have to do this soon as well. Uhaul has contractors they use to move furniture. Did you book the whole thing thru uhaul? I’m wondering if there’s a way to avoid getting hot shots assigned to my job…

  23. Huffmans sold a while back. New owner forgot to renew his lease

  24. I’d suggest Bexley. Easier commute from Columbus to Lancaster. Smaller community, strong schools, good access and walkability. Still Columbus!

  25. At this point, I will be surprised if we get much accumulation at all. Two warm days has thawed the ground. I hope I’m wrong though!

  26. Don’t sleep on the veggie paella at the old mohawk. I love it but last time I was there i shared a (cv19 safe) bite with a friend who said it was too much.

  27. OP: "What's your opinion on people getting fucked by the system and begging on the street in 5 degree weather?"

  28. Agree. I know panhandlers are only a portion of (real or perceived) homeless population but this thread has big HATE POOR FOLK vibes.

  29. I’ve heard that people give help bags and they just ditch them on the corner because it isn’t cash. Is that true? I feel like a help bag is the way to go but not if they are just going to toss it.

  30. I mean, this has probably happened but that’s not been my experience.

  31. Helen Hutchley’s where Colin’s Coffee is on Riverside. We used to get Blue Moon ice cream there. I going with our family.

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