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AITA for claiming that my SIL's dressing inappropriately?

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  1. I can’t comment on her walking in, but there is a program called the Duke TIP of program where middle schoolers take the ACT/SAT, and people have gotten college admissible scores - i think i got a 23 or something

  2. Tried that. She tells me she likes for me to make the first move and be assertive. But doesn't understand that denying me that same thing from her is hypocrisy. And it just turns into a fight. I don't want sex to become something we fight about, or make things awkward.. So it might just be that she doesn't want sex as much as me, but when I say that, she says I'm wrong.

  3. i’m going to add from my experience she may not realize you’re initiating. i can never tell when my boyfriend is initiating because he doesn’t want to come in too strong

  4. Are there still any camping grounds in Georgia?

  5. As a short woman, no absolutely not. Just because we are smaller doesn’t mean we’re children. that just infantilizes us which isn’t cool when that can lead to further discrimination in life

  6. i love possums as much as the next person (to the point that i have possum merch) but i would never consider ruining a possums’ life by removing it from a habitat. If he wants to see a possum, there are actual rehabilitated possums who can not be released that are used for educational purposes and treated with respect. Please get that possum help. If he would do this to an animal he loves, there is not saying that he wouldn’t do this again to any future dogs or cats, and he could get seriously hurt. please tell someone

  7. (broke) interior designer here! i 100% believe that as long as a space is functional for you and you can kind ways to display things that bring you joy (mine is the holiday bird things from target) then that is a beautiful space. something doesn’t need to be aesthetically pleasing as long as it works for you

  8. mine before i changed it - something along the lines of “i love target, dogs, and the office”

  9. the amount of signs she has literally all over georgia makes the loss even funnier. i can’t imagine how much money she spent for that 3.4%

  10. i’m in gen z and i have a full time job, a college degree, and am about to start a 401k. i was born in 99 and gen z started in 97

  11. Hi! i would be cautious about placing heave objects on a shelf over my head! maybe add a shelf below/above the other one? are there any other walls that might work? Also, if you like the led lights leave them there! Interior design is subjective and you deserve to have a space that makes you happy!

  12. When i started going i would do the bike and watch netflix on my phone! made it so much easier to actually start weight lifting when i got bored. this definitely works!!!

  13. Black Sheep - Brie Larson (Scott Pilgram) literally can’t listen to the original

  14. The rug in your living room is absolutely adorable!!

  15. Hopefully the message of the college scam has reached Gen Z and Gen Z++

  16. Born in ‘99 so im technically Gen Z - we still didn’t get a choice. I was lucky enough to qualify for the Zell scholarship in Georgia which covers 100% of tuition and i’m still 20k in debt on the other side of it because i had to eat and live away from my parents. That’s not taking into account i held at least 2 part time jobs the entire time.

  17. my dad had his license taken because his vision isn’t up to par but he can’t retire so he still has to work. he doesn’t qualify for a stipend for transportation to his work so he spends $100+ on lyft and uber every week to get to work. my parents live in a suburb in Metro Atlanta but there isn’t any public transportation so my parents are going into debt to pay for my dad to be able to work

  18. One of my friends got her period when she was in the 3rd/4th grade - so 9/10

  19. NTA at all! My mom gave birth to me when she was 40 and here i am, a whole ass adult. even if we ignore the absolute incorrectness of his statement who goes around and shits on someone who has been struggling like that? while they are announcing the pregnancy??? OP PLEASE break up with him

  20. NTA, obviously. Am i the only one that thinks that the step mom might want OP’s baby shower to be hers as well? maybe i’ve been lurking on this sun too much but it wouldn’t surprise me if stepmom wanted to go to OPs baby shower and brag about how her Helena Jesse and probably put down op too.

  21. I lived there my senior year and i really liked it. granted i moved there from polo club so not having brown water was a great step up. If you can afford it, i say go for it! we didn’t have any issues with bugs or anything (granted my roommates parents are landlords so they did some bug bomb thing, and we lived on the third floor). if you need to be on north campus a lot i would say choose somewhere closer but i was an art major and my roommate was a music major so it was the perfect location for us.

  22. i lived there for two years and twice i had brown water for multiple days. i had to go to friends apartments to shower - i have no idea what happened

  23. Exactly. "The typical lead time for the materials is roughly 4 weeks, but I'll check with the vendor and get back to you" translates to customer speak "your product will be installed in 4 weeks at the latest, and I'll install it the day it arrives".

  24. i recently got a “the project installs in november why do i need to approve ffe now” like bro because lead times are horrible and we have a long list of product to order, not even mentioning the fact that we need you to approve what you want my guy

  25. just learned about chess boxing from a powerpoint night where my friend went over which soviet leaders he could beat in chess boxing. when it came to stalin he revealed that he had a gun the whole time and that is how he doesn’t get marked by stalin

  26. How is this not being instantly struck down by the law? This is clearly a first amendment violation.

  27. I did some research, and it looks like it’s mainly in schools, and that’s how it’s somewhat legal. They’re making it so anything a child says to a teacher is reported to the parent and they can not discuss anything LGBT in the classroom at all. Gov. dumbass is relating it to CRT and i imagine this is the first step in a long line of controlling education.

  28. when i graduated college i bought myself a gold necklace that i could wear everyday. i had my sights set on it for 6 months before i actually ordered it! I also got a conch piercing after a grueling summer internship. now i am planning on a small tattoo after i celebrate my 1 year anniversary at my first full time job!!

  29. If anyone's curious, I did end up showing Kevina and Sharky this post. They both thought it was hilarious! 'Sharky' has caught on as a nickname, but as revenge she and Kevina have now dubbed me 'Squirrel'. Which...is fair. I also promised Kevina that I'd let Sharky make a post here roasting me, since I've also had my Kevin moments. Which...yeah. There's a reason I'm part of the Kevina crew, lol. Thanks for all the love on this post!

  30. They sound like great friends! It’s a shame that Kevina has trouble with minecraft - that all my friends and i play!

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