1. Rosin isn’t distillate, it doesn’t burn or hit right in anything over a .5g size. Look across the country most rosin disposables and 510’s you find won’t be over .5g. They actually use to make full gram rosin 510 carts and they’re gone for a reason.

  2. This is exactly why, you can find the guy from lighthouse sciences on here talking about why they do .5g for their live resin disposables as well. With the amount of times the oil in a disposable is reheated and cooled down, basically anything past that .5g threshold is going to be lacking the same quality and flavor, especially with live rosin and live resin

  3. From my understanding co2 is being used with trim but also with the pressed pucks from other rosin runs. Its still considered solventless. It doesn't take much research outside reddit to find this information. Mislabeled i think not.

  4. Yikes buddy do a little bit more “research” please before making these comments. Solventless simply means they are not using any solvents in the extraction process. Literally just ice, water and a heated press. If something like co2 were to be used the product would now be a solvent based extract. Also what company is using the pressed rosin pucks for co2 extraction?? Lol that sounds extremely ignorant

  5. Im sorry to say i dont believe this to be true in this case. The "rosin" inside the vape of question here was extracted using co2. Its a way of them stretching product & creating a greater profit. You see where it list them adding suncritical strain specific terpene? This vape "rosin" is different than there ice water hash they press for rosin. Believe what you want. But i normally dont speak unless im educated on the topic. Please google any of this information. Im hear to hopefully inform not argue

  6. You do realize that this is just a typo/mislabeling on the package, right? This was not extracted using co2 lol

  7. Check out some stuff from Riviera Creek, they get a lot of hate on here but if cost isn’t an issue then they are one of the best options as far as consistent strains with higher testing terp %…recently got a half of lost river (gmo cookies x han solo burger), ~3.5% terps total, stuff reeks and is not dry at all. Small buds tho which is the only downside. Their garlic cookies is their most popular strain and I’ve been seeing batches recently closer to 3% terps

  8. Firelands sells .5g rosin carts as well. My go to in the program. Usually get them for $45 pre tax at Verilife. I see the disposables for about $35.

  9. I second the firelands live rosin carts, great product but hardly see them in my area anymore. As far as other products, ancient roots makes a live rosin .5g disposable similar to the one on this post, and riviera creek is now apparently putting out rosin luster pods. But we ultimately need more solventless options for on the go

  10. Pirates breath was one of the worst strains I’ve tried in the program so far, had a 6 month cure on it too which I thought was overkill

  11. Savvy is a verano brand. They buy flower from other cultivators and package it as this.

  12. Lol where do you people come up with this stuff? There are no companies buying and repackaging flower under their own brand, verano obviously grows the flower and they package the smalls and lesser quality buds into the savvy line

  13. I know plenty of people that work for the company. I'm just passing along what they told me.

  14. This just makes no sense from a cultivator standpoint, especially when verano is a level 2 operation so it’s not like they have any shortage of flower being grown. Maybe your friends are referring to seeds/genetics they are buying from other companies? Because most of the savvy strains are still in verano’s normal essence and reserve lineups.

  15. The main difference is live rosin is extracted without using any type of solvents, whereas live resin is typically extracted using butane, propane, co2 etc. With live rosin you are essentially getting the cleanest possible extract that provides the true full spectrum benefits of the entire plant

  16. Yup, reached out and they were understanding and gave a full refund within 24 hours of contacting them!

  17. That’s good they got back to you so fast and offering full refund. How do they refund you back when bought from dispensary? Are they aware of cart issues?

  18. They’re just asking for pics of the cart, receipt, and product label as well. Honestly surprised they offered a full refund right off the bat as most of the oil is gone at this point (but it has also continued to leak quite a bit). To my understanding, most dispensaries wouldn’t offer a refund for a cart that’s basically empty

  19. Is anyone else questioning the really long cure time? Lol 8 months seems excessive but someone let me know if this is a thing. I tried their pirates breath and it was cured for 6 months before packaging, stuff was not very good whatsoever

  20. That 2 months between harvest and package is good to see. Does this seem properly cured? The bag appeal is certainly there!

  21. Definitely seems like a proper cure for this strain, some of the smaller buds are a tad dry but overall nice cure

  22. I’d have to say I think I like the dosidos better as well! Although for me the lemon dosidos is a bit more on the uplifting side and this one is more sedating

  23. Have you tried Ancient Roots live rosin? Honestly haven’t tried standard’s yet because I haven’t heard much good about it, but AR blows firelands out of the water imo. Their grape cream cake was the heaviest caryophollene strain I’ve ever tried, straight spicy.

  24. how did I forget them, of course AR is incredible. I’d put them ahead of Firelands but you can’t go wrong with any of those 3. I also like how AR gives you an entire gram. If you haven’t tried any of standard’s stuff I highly recommend!!

  25. Forsure, bought it probably 3 weeks ago packaged 10/5 batch #0851, 13mg caryophyllene 7.92mg limonene 5.15mg linalool. Straight pepper on the exhale

  26. Damn that looks good and nice numbers from what I see. How is the smell on it - very strong, or faint?

  27. Very strong citrus aroma on the half I got, the sunset sherbet really comes out

  28. Whattt?? Are they releasing these to other dispo's?

  29. I keep reading this, and I have to disagree unless you're considering rosin to be on the same level as resin, shatter, crumble, etc. I see others' subpar rosin for $70, upwards of $75 sometimes, for .85! Considering I can get full 1g rosin from AR at $80, doesn't seem much different than what you pay for others. Plus, they are making the best in the program... I personally see value in that alone.

  30. Seriously though, firelands’ subpar rosin is now being priced similarly to ancient roots for less product at .84g. Same deal with klutch, same price for only .84 and lesser quality. It’s also really not hard to find some of these Ancient Roots 1g’s priced at $72, or catching them on a weekly 15% concentrates deal that most dispensaries offer

  31. I know Klutch has it's moments, I just don't like that so many people choose to ignore things like this mold issue they've had. If you dig that strain, go for it. The worst that will happen is you get some that you have to throw away. You know you're taking that chance though so it is what it is.

  32. Exactly, I posted this in hopes of more people using this public info or at least being aware of it. Take the time to research what you’re getting people! Klutch is the only company I’ve tried in the program that’s caused my asthma to flare up and my lungs to just feel weird, crazy how their quality control has gotten so bad without even being addressed

  33. So I just got this last Wednesday and I love how smooth it hits, but I can't for the life of me figure out the mechanics of how the Klein Incycler actually work. Not sure how helpful the pics are, I don't have any video of me hitting it.

  34. Looks like you just need to add more water and maybe pull on it harder to get that intended tornado in the funnel

  35. I’d really like to see the hydro action on this.

  36. Review: Picked this up today on sale from Harvest. Still broke the bank even though it was on sale but it was worth it. The oil is a little dark in this but that’s okay since it’s rosin. The terpene and flavor profile on this is amazing. On the inhale I was getting sweet limonene and myrcene terps followed by a smooth exhale. Overall 5/5, only downsides were price and the look of the rosin but the taste and effects are the only things that matter for me! Also I know there was a lot of discussions in the past about how these specific rosin carts get clogged but i’m here to tell you that mine didn’t and I think they fixed a lot of the issues that were happening 8 months ago.

  37. Zero issues with clogging on my salty watermelon live rosin 510 as well, I was pleasantly surprised!

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