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  1. Second Dr. Mei-Dan. He very recently performed my wife’s hip surgery. He’s as good as it gets. There really isn’t another answer.

  2. I go to the one off federal. Never thought I’d like a tire shop so much, but it’s a great place with awesome employees.

  3. 24 hour fitness has locations with saunas. Don’t feel like looking up your particular area. It’s $250 for the year with $0 down.

  4. No problem. We can apply fact checks across the board - I know which party will be on the worse end of equally applied fact checking.

  5. Everything about Drake is manufactured. He's a shitty husk of a person that deserves zero credit or respect.

  6. Zaner Harden. You won’t find them on any bus, billboard, etc. They have excellent reviews and for good reason. Kurt Zaner has numerous multi million dollar verdicts.

  7. Here’s my take. He had a very solid presidential term, marred at every level by the malice of the left. He did some good things, but his vices are too many for him to be a palatable candidate to the majority of people, including many republicans. If he wanted to make America great again, he would make space for DeSantis, who possesses all of his strong qualities and seemingly none of his flaws. Instead, he’s driving a rift among people who share his ideological goals, and attacking the people who actually have a chance at realizing them.

  8. Very solid presidential term? Lmao. His signature legislative achievement was a tax cut for the wealthy and corporations.

  9. Now that you say it, you're right. But even then he seems lacking a little energy compared to the 2020 one (in my opinion his best).

  10. The issues matter the most! Lmao. Trump is clueless on anything but surface level policy positions. Have you ever listened to him?

  11. They definitely can require a DNA test. They won’t, though. And if they do, it’s not the apartment for you.

  12. Lots of good house/techno shows if you’re into that - camelphat / damian Lazarus / Benny benassi.

  13. How much/often do you smoke? Have you self tested? I was surprised how quickly I got “clean” when I needed to pass.

  14. Yeah the latest batches that came in from Pueblo favored Boebert much more than the other votes. Hopefully there are mail in ballots left.

  15. Boebert lead expanding; I’m afraid it’s over. Great effort by Frisch and the voters.

  16. ill take them... what form are they in? PDF? Printed

  17. Is Drizly a third party delivery? What’s the difference between them and door dash?

  18. Last time I checked the Sec of State needs to sign off on the count, then it is official.

  19. That is true. Once all of the counties certify their elections the SOS will certify the elections as a whole for the state.

  20. The comment infers that LB lost and the only thing left to do is for the SoS to certify.

  21. There's no concrete to replace. How will they get sidewalks?

  22. When new homes are built, they have to put in sidewalks. Other than that, I think we wait.

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