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  1. 100% DRS with GME. Just starting my DRS journey with BBBY. Give me a moment 🥹

  2. He claims to read DD but them misrepresents it. Since he seems to be switched on, I can only assume that he misrepresents it on purpose.

  3. Well, between institutions, insiders, and Retail, we are currently at 78% total. I guess we just have 2% more to go until bosscunts takes an L.

  4. Sorry to be the Debbie downer. The electronic books will be authenticated via nonfungible token. It's in the filing.

  5. I would prefer to the game sub for accurate assessment of that

  6. I am from the game sub and hold 6172 GME shares directly registered in my name. Post history available. I researched the crap out of direct registering for four months before actually taking the first step.

  7. Cool I got 12 but one person's opinion is not as valid as the entire game sub

  8. lol the kid wearing a skull shirt holding the piggy bank away from the bear is funny

  9. The little boy, pointing at the purple circle on the belly of the piggy bank. Reminds me of another purple circle…

  10. The boy, pointing at the purple circle on the bottom of the piggy bank. DRS 🙌🏻

  11. https://twitter.com/crazyladytrader/status/1594037008254500865?s=46&t=egNT2rXtJF9iLqGE6I1CzA

  12. Bringing it here to the attention of the folks who understand DRS. Anyone who would like to help combat this FUD can scoot on over to Twitter and make their voice heard.

  13. https://twitter.com/crazyladytrader/status/1594037008254500865?s=46&t=egNT2rXtJF9iLqGE6I1CzA

  14. This is BS. Short positions don’t just disappear and the links provided don’t prove that they do. More Dr Stange FUD from the master himself.

  15. ASBT, I've been following along in your posts regarding this subject. Are you saying you think GameStop has the ability to remove their shares from the market and would just need to find a new equities security depository?

  16. But for real they snuck some scary stuff into that IRS augmentation

  17. I’m pretty sure those new agents are getting armed, live firearm training and a handful of other shockingly not necessary over militarization

  18. I've got over 6000 GME shares DRS'd (100%). I can assure you, I am not providing ads for sticky floor.

  19. Basically they have to buy all those shares back now? This sorta sounds like MOASS? Anyone else have thoughts?

  20. Wouldn't the company going bankrupt need all their assets back including the shares loaned out? They are considered assets and would be in the bankruptcy filing.

  21. 2 for the pink and 1 for the stink.. I see u brethren ape 😉

  22. "People who previously went above and beyond at work are now giving little more than the expected output."

  23. Maybe France is holding the bag.

  24. Another Redditor with low karma linked me to this YouTube video regarding this post. Have a look

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