1. why does he ned a enclosed cocpit? he has a helmet and a airtank?

  2. Why does your car need windows or a roof? Surely you can just wear the right clothes.

  3. So buggy and convertibles aren't a thing. So no what I meant was for a space fantasy theme it's good enough considering how actual moon buggy look like.

  4. Sure, but in retrospect, it feels unfinished. Space Police 2 sets are more enclosed, as are Blacktron 2. I loved the colors and wanted them as a kid, but only had the little buggy. Having recently built Spy-trak, Peace Keeper, and part of Striker, the latter is the one that feels the best.

  5. Gave it a week or two. I can't do it. It's just absolute trash. Disabled my account after a 3+ year streak and 2+ years in the diamond league. Going to be working on reading books in my language now.

  6. I feel that :( I also have some books I've been meaning to get to, maybe this is a sign...

  7. It is a challenge for me; I mostly started duo for fun and to practice another language. I've never been close to fluent. My goal is to read some Tintin stories and get as much of it as I can from reading and context.

  8. Technically, the original sets didn't have a set symbol, so yeah. Symbols were assigned retroactively.

  9. You mean the base sets like alpha and beta? They never had a symbol. All the expansions did.

  10. LOL now I can't stop thinking of Golf Rs as Golf Reverse.

  11. Can’t resist. In for two. To go with my one I bought at full price.

  12. In for two as gifts, already got one at $75 a while back. But $42.50/ea is just nuts. No ragrets.

  13. Just bought 2 more. Hard not too at that price, is.this what they call army building?

  14. Unreal. Just used both WOWFRESH and DISCOVER to bring two orders down to $42.50 each. They expect delivery today!

  15. I know you said fairly peacefully, but this one is fun so...

  16. They can't take a city. If they get a city to zero health you just lose a ton of gold.

  17. So an AI city wouldn't really suffer since they basically have infinite gold? Other than having their lands pillaged and no army?

  18. I agree that this can be useful, but I'm also a bit apprehensive about its implementation. Google does this by scanning your emails and using machine learning to classify them. Seems difficult to me to do something comparable on the client side. Proton says their implementation will be private, but I'd like to hear more about how that will work.

  19. Agreed. Honestly, if I can move something to a new category and have it do the same for that sender in the future, I'd be happy. Basic if-then.

  20. It would impact the sell price. If you sell it as a full Lego set, and it comes with non-Lego, that's fraud (small scale but still). I'd talk to the store you got it from, since they sold you a fraudulent set of pieces too.

  21. 1, if by theme you mean anything vintage from the 80s/90s. :)

  22. The Spyrius is Saucer Centurion. The white black and blue at the top is from Space Police 3. It was included for completion of the Space Police line.

  23. It would be way more work to move this around. That said, you can use the FUN keys and WASD to move the mouse, and 3 mouse buttons are also available using FUN + other keys. It's definitely doable to use only this, though I am not to that level yet.

  24. I like your wallpaper. Is it possible to download it somewhere?

  25. Do people usually just start a new game take a screenshot come here and wait for an answer before continuing to play?

  26. Ha no, but sometimes I like to crowdsource some opinions on what's better for various reasons. I still learn things about this game with over 1000 hours into it, so that's why I ask sometimes!

  27. Surely you'd still need to reasearch masonry, you just won't need to spend time improving the tile when you do get the tech.

  28. Nope. You get the 15% bonus immediately. The happiness I don't think comes until the tech.

  29. Studs all on the floor like Emmett when Business burst in the door

  30. How is a wool mouse pad to mouse on? I like the looks but get the feeling that it might have tracking and smoothness issues.

  31. I have recently gotten into sorting out my giant tubs of Legos by color to rebuild the old sets for which I still have paper instructions of. It is a good hobby that doesn't make me spend more money then I have. But also, I know that when I am done with the set being rebuilt, I will be better about putting them in their own ziplock bag with the instructions so it can be easier to rebuild again in the future.

  32. Really depends on what you like. Personally, I make little scenes, sometimes with sets, sometimes with MOCs (or both), and then add figures to it. I've seen people make 4 or 6 wide scenes that show a bunch of different things a bit like a comic panel, which is also cool.

  33. Based on your comments, it sounds like you care the most about the last policies you gain from the ideologies instead of the earlier ones, when in reality its the exact opposite: the tier 3 policy you choose is often icing on the cake in an already winning game, while the tier 1/2 policies can make or break your growth.

  34. Oh, you don't have artillery? Huh. I implore you to ignore these units near your borders...for your own good.

  35. That’s true, I was lucky and work at a shop that lets me work on my stuff after hours it’s great

  36. Nice! I have mine mounted on another set of wheels, so it's about 45 minutes all told from summer to winter.

  37. Ah nice haha, I still really only have all seasons on the Austin’s but today I’m throwing on actual winter rubber on em

  38. I have my summers on the stock Watkins Glen since it's one of the best stock wheels ever. Winters are some tirerack special that I got a deal on from some guy on CL. Nothing fancy but they work. I would actually like to downsize from 17 to 16, but its not worth the extra hassle.

  39. Any amount of risen is fine with me; I'm looking for anything that just dropped in value that I'd lose money on within 3-4 years.

  40. Having sold plenty of old sets, you will always take a hit on a sale. It may be ebay or bricklink fees, or shipping, or the value increase doesn't cover those. Local sales, which I mostly do, never reach the BL value. On top of that, there's always the opportunity cost of storing them in good condition. That's not free. Plus the time spent dealing with the sale is also worth something.

  41. It took a bit to get used to, but I like it. I'm not using my ergo now because I need to fix my TRRS cable, so back on my 60% for now.

  42. Ah yeah. Technically I'm using VIA and Chrysalis, but the functionality is essentially the same. My old TKL isn't programmable, and since I am likely switching between the split and 1800 on a single PC, I need to figure out if having the TKL not have any macros or functions will annoy me, or if I should get rid of it and just swap the 1800 there. The downside is when me and my partner want to game at the same time, I'd have to use the split and tbh it's a REAL challenge to game with it.

  43. Top Gear has informed me that Scotland is the best driving country...in the world.

  44. In my experience, most BL sellers have cleaned the parts. I've never felt the need to clean things from there, but that may be due to my mostly buying used bins of Lego locally, and that is typically quite disgusting in comparison.

  45. I've found it takes less time to research technologies from the previous era.

  46. This is one of the things I was hoping someone could shed light on. Is there a hard number of percentage decrease for prior era tech? What about two eras before?

  47. Oh yeah I forgot about City State bonuses. All I can find on the wiki is this:

  48. Wait, what else can militaristic CS give besides units at a faster rate?

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