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  1. This is beautiful. I've looked at it for 5 hours now!

  2. Slava Ukraini! The war is already won, may it be over soon! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ฆ

  3. I see the orcs have a big presence in this sub, by all the downvotes ๐Ÿคฃ

  4. I expect that's the play here... make it unpleasant enough that she stops using the platform, and thus reduce the impact of her outreach.

  5. I have a bucket in the garage, and I add scraps to it as I have them. When it gets more or less full, I dump it into the bin. Usually, it takes a week but sometimes it fills faster.

  6. I inherited similar shaped glasses from my grandmother. When we were kids, she'd serve us strawberry soda floats in them.

  7. I really appreciate that you're doing this.

  8. That seems kind of crazy to me, limiting deposits because they didn't implement suggested anti-discrimination policies. How do you limit deposits without restricting the customers? How can they prevent a business from operating?

  9. I think the title may be confusing. It seems to me that this all about where government of NY state deposits their money.

  10. I remember watching the livestream of the surprise store opening and thinking, "holy crap, that store is amazing!"

  11. Wow, this is an EXCELLENT post! I continue to be thrilled by this store and it's remarkable innovation.

  12. This is such bullshit. They got a 6 month extension, that should be it.

  13. I'm not sure what you're asking here, but the pint was an incredibly flavorful low ABV English Mild made at a local brewery here in my small town, and the purple ring buttons I had made by a company that does such things. They were amazingly cheap.

  14. Sure dude use the opinions of the NATO nation which also lies about GameStop. Hmmmm you sure you never thought something was off? Like zelensky being an actor in 2018 and he's playing a role now? Or the US was able to drain 140 Billion to weapons contractors in one year? And Victoria Neuland did a coup in 2014 to install their Na-zi government? You heard about the maiden coup and the horrific Azor Battalion and the shelling and bombings of them in the Dombass region for 8 straight years?

  15. This is what they're afraid of... that the word gets out and FOMO begins.

  16. Sell Dem on Etsy or tell Apes where to get please. I want one, but I am never stepping foot back in California again.

  17. FYI: I'm not in CA... look closer at the hat - the bear has 2 heads.

  18. Thanks man, my runes of glory jar was getting a bit low there. ;-)

  19. Just a thought, but he could have placed multiple orders to buy whatever amount he wants to purchase.

  20. Nah, you can only have one pending order at a time and it's pretty clear this was his first time

  21. Good idea, time to head to Costco and get a pallet of popcorn and another of beer.

  22. Obviously they are not okay with not getting paid, there will be law suits and court dates just like lme busting trades lead to law suits

  23. Yeah, that's my expectation as well.

  24. Usually, I delete notifications like that but I've kept these because seeing them reminds me how amazing that new store is.

  25. It's really cool to see how active they are.

  26. Goodness, it's really beautiful

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