1. For everyone saying this is just hackey sack, when's the last time you rallied a hack by scorpion kicking it back and forth to your buddy thirty feet away from you lol

  2. and now I'm watching youtube videos of competitive hackey sack

  3. I'll take Marcus Smart any day of the week

  4. Aaand I’ve got my setup for after I finish all the missions

  5. If I had a nickel for every time the Jets gave us draft picks for our post prime HOF QB

  6. If you want the formula to be correct, Darkness has to be the hypotenuse

  7. Kyle Kuzma replacement after being replaced by Kyle Kuzma

  8. Meanwhile Lakers have rebuilt the Russ/Rui/Bryant supporting cast but for Lebron instead of Beal

  9. going down to 4 days and taking a pay cut generally not a problem. getting a 20% reduction in work expectations....that gets a little tricky with some employers

  10. Yeah I could only show up 4 days and nobody would care so long as I still got 5 days of work done each week

  11. OP could have put in the effort to not place the black king in check

  12. Okay but who isn’t playing 500 ball over stretches of this season?

  13. Wow I’m old af. He was my first QB when I went to Michigan

  14. High art is laundering scheme for rich folks.

  15. Not even a conspiracy. My friend’s father is an art dealer.

  16. Doesn’t exactly involve the government like a lot of the other responses on here, but planned obsolescence across multiple industries. “Competing” corporations colluding with each other and deliberately making low-quality consumer products that need to be bought and replaced fairly often, even when higher-quality alternatives are out there that would need to be replaced far less frequently

  17. My college professor was in the board room at a certain lightbulb distributor. He says they had the LED bulbs ready for years but hoarded the IP on the climate and consumer friendly technology because incandescents need to be regularly replaced.

  18. The Cavs could honestly use him since K Love has become unplayable

  19. Lmao he's probably last on the Epstein client list to get the intel and keeps getting stuck with the bag. Low key feel bad for the guy

  20. Imagine being a professional bag holder for all your super rich friends

  21. We can’t just print more money to keep buying things while in cap hell

  22. Technically I think that’s where the Wiz have been playing him

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