1. i feel and have gone through almost exactly the same things as you and personally? it’s gotten to the point that whenever a man that is not an immediate family member interacts with me no matter what their intention is i feel fear. fear.

  2. i get exactly what u mean, i would seek therapy it definitely helps trust

  3. Statistically most absentee fathers are black in America and they aren't highly represented here on reddit

  4. i started talking to some dude, we’re in college btw, and we started talking about drinking. The dude tells me that he was scared of drinking, i thought it was something normal like be predisposed to addiction or alcoholism or maybe scared of getting drunk and doing something stupid. nope “i’m scared of accidentally sexually assaulting someone” needless to say i was quiet for a bit before i told him that that never happens on “accident”

  5. the amount of things this guy said that really made me question how he even go into college is incredible

  6. my uncle said that he was born a little different so his titty was downstairs

  7. i just broke up with my boyfriend yesterday and he brought up the promise we made at the beginning of the relationship, then proceeded to say "i made a bet that i could last over a year with you"

  8. if I found it in a better res i would’ve posted that instead trust me :(

  9. my abandonment issues may be destroying me from the inside out and hurting those i love lmao

  10. why does she look like the vine of the girl that suck dick on accident

  11. Of course I don’t want to shame anyone, but I’ve seen people I love intentionally destroy their bodies both using drugs and emaciating themselves or by over indulging themselves due to emotional issues. So while I won’t care about some random stranger, if it comes to family and friends, I’ll be gentle but honest.

  12. Nothing is wrong with honesty especially when you care about the person but if you are saying hateful things its going to make things worse especially in the situations that you described

  13. I’m not offended when people call me anorexic

  14. He wants to give the carrot to the other villager so they can frick

  15. 24/7 cause i have anxiety, but an example is that time i thought i should run because a "giant bee" was gonna kill me

  16. You should see a really good therapist. I know it’s really easy to say, but I can relate. If you won’t do that, you won’t die of starvation, but because of suicidal thoughts. A good therapy saved me. You have to continue your studies and keep contact with people, even if they can be harsh sometimes. They certainly feel useless in this situation, because they want you to be « normal «  and healthy. They may not understand that it can be a mental disorder as anorexia

  17. Not sure if there is anything specific. I do like girls that aren't super skinny though. One thing might be skirts, mainly because of the regular fantasies. I've never really given it any thought though

  18. I don't mean to say that I fantasize about everyone I walk past I mean fantasies that have to do with skirts etc.

  19. Yeah ive heard this sub became toxic but like why

  20. I think he means a fail that came out successful

  21. Yeah or get promoted after messing something up

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