1. Honest question not being a dick. Between families with consistent income and recipients of food stamps, how are children going hungry in the US.

  2. Less than $100 on clothing. $1500 plus and counting on my signed Super Bowl helmet. Nick Foles was like $375 🤦🏻‍♂️

  3. If she’s dumb enough to sell it to a knowledgeable collector then she’s toast. I’ll spread this throughout my sports memorabilia groups on FB. Literally 10K+ of Philadelphia sports collectors.

  4. Which Instagram posted this?

  5. And 8 of the 11 are free agents this offseason. With less than 20 million cap space and a need to extend Hurts

  6. Correct but my point was that this D wasn’t slapped together with FA mercenaries like some would suggest.

  7. yea calling you braindead would be putting it nicely

  8. You butthurt because you got a Maxey jersey and don’t want him traded.

  9. Makes no sense, especially when even the most inept person can google the color codes for midnight green in literally any format needed...

  10. It’s been well documented Nike has had trouble replicating Reebok’s midnight green. Reebok’s midnight green vs Nike’s midnight green are not even close to identical. Eagles bootleg jerseys are among the worse in the league because of how difficult it is to replicate.

  11. Every Sixers fan has a crush on Maxey but trade him now and go all in. In 3-5 years, what’s Maxey with no Embiid and no Harden?

  12. Keyword is “says”. I’m billed the amount for our Netflix account and those I’m sharing with will just have to get their own accounts. Knowing them, they’ll 100% open an account.

  13. uhhh...now the Nets have less scoring? Can't really be a positive for him

  14. I was thinking more about his current role as a big moving back to primary facilitator now with Kyrie gone. And obviously Ben isn’t going to supplement the 20ish points Kyrie accounts for through scoring lol

  15. It still blows my mind that the Front Office and most Sixers fans didn’t want Haliburton, Hield, and more for Bum Simmons. I’m happy with Harden here but the Haliburton trade was more financial responsible.

  16. I’m been trying to find that hoodie for 2 years. Does anyone have a product number or link for the hoodie. Gannon wears it as well.

  17. Duh. Ben Simmons. Organization prioritized Ben over Jimmy. Whoops

  18. Mental illness at its finest. And of course it came from a Cowboys fan lol

  19. For some reason this sub thinks the unemployed Brett Brown is a better coach 🤦🏻‍♂️

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