1. At long last asap is better than LLA in every way. LLA is amazing but it’s just more nostalgic for a lot of people while ALLA is simply a way better project

  2. W opinion I respect it, I just love suddenly and 1 train so much

  3. There was this YouTube comment I saw one time that perfectly described K as a battler, it was something like “Bigg K is just like a lyrical sledgehammer hitting you over and over”

  4. Ngl "lyrical sledgehammer" sounds like something Verb would say

  5. Everybody slept on Lil Wayne’s mixtape run from like 2017-2021 he was debatably in the best lyrical shape of his life

  6. I love future but saying he has no misses in his discography is retarded. Lil Wayne and Kanye both had better runs for sure

  7. It’s way more cohesive and organic. And also just more fire. Rocky was more well polished by 2015

  8. agreed, it’s personally in my top 5 favorite albums ever, it’s so unique and was my first real exposure to rocky and “vibey” rap in general

  9. Godamn Lush is a bad liar lmfao. He couldn’t think of anything to say other than “I didn’t do that shit” bro definitely did that shit. Kinda feel bad for him though, this convo shouldn’t be on a livestream

  10. You can hear his in depth response on avocados channel on YouTube. Being as real as you can be.

  11. Alright that’s good. But you can’t lie in the moment he was not very convincing

  12. He wasn’t as interesting when he fully became Saul Goodman. Seemed his backstory during BB was day-to-day just being a “criminal” lawyer and keeping scumbags outta jail

  13. Ok so I "get it" in regards to the accurate/pinpoint locking required to perfect the robot moves however, I feel like I'm missing something spectacular due to everyone cheering at 0:15 but all I could notice was his "finger gun" firing along with the beat drop. Is that what blew their minds?

  14. I think it’s a very good argument. And besides that; he’s not a very good rapper to be honest. His style is very choppy.

  15. He doesn’t only punch, he mostly punches, and that’s because it’s his biggest strength. He can do other things but most of the time just chooses to punch because that’s what the people want to hear. I don’t see anything wrong with that

  16. I don’t see anything wrong with that either. I’m glad we can agree on that. He just wouldn’t be my number 1 pick because he’s not well rounded.

  17. Well yeah we can agree to disagree then. Sticking to your strength doesn’t take you out of the goat debate in my opinion, for me it’s just about who’s the hardest to beat

  18. Nah I think he said something like “I bet the whole inside of his body change”

  19. So he’s not doing it out of the goodness of his own heart, he’s doing it to save face. Is that really not obvious to you? The argument of “well it’s still a good thing to do” isn’t sustainable because intention matters. He’s not doing it in good faith

  20. And? I don’t really care as long as people are being fed, I could give two shits about his intentions or anything. I don’t think he’s magically a good person but at least he’s trying to make us think he is by doing good things.

  21. Also funny how when he bodied Viixen, it's crickets on here. When he lost to K, there was like 12 posts about it 😂

  22. a6e says:

    Define polydactyly

  23. It means having an extra finger because of the Latin roots, but does that change anything I said? Nah it doesn’t. A dactyl is not a finger and even if it was the bar is still bad

  24. Lol. No, the ending is just poorly executed - especially relative to the rest of the show.

  25. Exactly. Thank you. This is the most valid and reasonable explanation, yet 90% of BCS fans will just say “hehehe your stupid you just don’t get it” if you think he shouldn’t have took the 86 years

  26. That’s what I’m saying it was a whole trend to hate on Wayne just because of songs like lollipop and shit and completely swept under the rug that he’s literally a better writer than Tupac

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