1. OP could shrink over the course of a day. We are taller in the morning.

  2. Yep, tall people are more likely to die from cancer because of all the extra cells their bodies have.

  3. Without sounding like a snob, I wonder if the quality of passengers will go up and there will be fewer incidents of drunkenness and violence reported by airlines.

  4. Choices. No kids, few other hobbies. Travel abroad is what makes life worth living for me. Currently in Greece.

  5. I am still waiting for the vat to be cut on energy bills as part of the brexit bonus promise.

  6. It says page not found when I clicked it. It is still available via google cache though.

  7. They better start spending all that cash now.

  8. The whole point of these projects it to siphon tax money into the hands of the people who run the war industry. F-35 is a stunning success from that perspective. You can either have F-35 to bomb brown people half way across the world or free healthcare and housing.

  9. But you can't fly free healthcare and housing over a football stadium.

  10. Chances are these people have been paying NI, income tax and various other taxes their whole life.

  11. D: We need to raise the debt limit so we can pay the bills that have already come due from the policies and spending bills that have already passed.

  12. D: Fine, we will cut spending on the military. We spend more than the next 10 countries put together anyway. We can easily cut that alone and leave the rest.

  13. 1 in 10 is probably ok and the other 5 prefer blissful ignorance.

  14. There should be a plan B because many do not have the opportunity to work even after they finished school. If this continues, Indian's may move to another country to find a job related to their course.

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