What are some disadvantages of being a man?

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  1. Probably already here, but 5th Element and Starship Troopers

  2. As another comment said, KISS. They weren’t actually very good musicians, they were just shocking because they wore crazy makeup and had fireworks and pyro technics at their shows all the time. They would never become popular if they came out today

  3. Bad ass boy band of their day. Masters of pop culture, just like the Backstreet Boys in their hay day

  4. People in summer be like “GET THE F*** OFF ME!”

  5. Checkout lines. Fuck your coupons, lady. Your payment card is in the exact spot you had it last time

  6. It has to be cats! Came here to say this. Cats don’t give a fuck

  7. Taking the responsibility of everyone around you and being expected to handle it in the highest manner with the utmost grace. Expectation to be the best thing to all people. Tough job, I won’t lie

  8. When MGS 2 became full of superhero villains

  9. Lol ya I suppose I should edit the question to all sports

  10. Just here waiting for the FBI to take down some dumb MF’s

  11. Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. Maybe they’ll think we’re wholesome enough not to vaporize

  12. Salt, snow, smoke, or fermentation. That was it. And most people had no salt, so I bet that sucked

  13. You achieve the fullness of a true relationship. I can’t imagine you get the depth, gratitude, and true intertwining in a polygamous way of life. Sacrifice of temptations moves you forward

  14. One does not simply “ask Reddit”…

  15. Taboo. Some people just like it. To me, the vagina is way better, but anal, oral, hand jobs and toys are good too.

  16. Agreed. It’s taboo, which excites because of the feeling of something new, or different, or risqué. Obsession with it is a different matter, and sounds unhealthy

  17. The dichotomy of men and women creates balance. If one side is left unchecked by its opposite, the system will fail in either direction.

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