1. Yes for a short term and specially if you are in the sub you might guilt yourself down; but if you don’t eat dairy and eat testosterone boosting food and have girlfriends around you will be fine. in general dont over indulge you might just accidentally get OCD also make it simple and quick and don’t accept yourself as an addict its available in the open world for everyone to consume just don’t over consume it or else it will eat you alive

  2. I agree! And also i am just commenting to see my counter because now i am curious

  3. It could potentially with NEO practice and some pelvic core exercise

  4. No, wait till you feel and then don’t at that time also, may be after that time with a try out partner preferably. But don’t do anything for now, just keep stacking days.

  5. Edging is similar to being a girl, except this time she will take it as much as she can but don’t have to work herself up after ejaculating, but has her periods though, you on the other hand need to see Non Ejaculative Orgams short for NEO in semen retention sub.

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