1. No, you should continue your exact path, don't ever change.

  2. Rather enjoy the rest of high school as much as I can. Focus on ap exams and extracurriculars 👍🏽

  3. Don't come to UMD, we don't enjoy the rest of high school like you do, it's not meant for you.

  4. Lmao you're acting like umd is harvard. It's a state school with a 60% acceptance rate. Your major explains why you're socially inept

  5. I thought intl's don't have any true safeties in the US

  6. noted harvard alum ted kaczynski is now serving eight life sentences at the only supermax prison in the united states

  7. He actually provided some inspiration to the American environmentalist movement

  8. There are less intelligent non athletes too, just look in a mirror

  9. Move Michigan and USC to 3, Illinois and purdue to 4, and move maryland to 3

  10. Accepted intl CS But why does it say major in letters and sciences instead of computer science

  11. Means you were accepted into the school but not into your major.

  12. It doesn't always work, you may have to repeat it several times later on in calc for some problems and still get undefined, but it's nice.

  13. Don't introduce l'hopitals as a method to solving limits to someone so obviously new to calculus. They won't understand how and why it works. Plus, they may come across a function they don't know how to differentiate

  14. I mean we were taught l’hopitals before we were taught anything else… like that was our intro to calc because it’s the basis of it

  15. I feel like it's up to the discretion of the instructor. I'm taking calc as a hs student and the teacher is purposely waiting until before the AP exam to "teach" us l'hopitals because we will get more practice evaluating limits with creative methods

  16. I would guess that your negative sign is making the answer wrong. Try copying the negative sign next to -5 in the table and paste it into the output

  17. I mean it was my top choice and I checked the npc 😭

  18. First mistake was choosing neu out of dozens of other fantastic colleges

  19. I made a post asking about when current students received their decisions and an RA told me that the admissions office told them that its releasing friday at 5

  20. I’m an RA and they told us this past week during training that this upcoming years students would get theirs on Friday @ 5pm.

  21. Wow, thanks. Never thought I would be getting insider information

  22. Neuroscience lol, writing is the death of me

  23. As in .5 and above up and .4 and below down?

  24. You won't know what grade inflation is until you go to a normal/rigorous school. Even if you're telling the truth, taking that many classes is pointless. Many of my peers have taken >13 AP classes over the course of high school and still got admitted to top 20 schools.

  25. I go to a private school that is ranked top 20 jn my state.... For the average student the typical number of AP's is 0-3, but for the academically driven kids its >8

  26. Proud to be a member of the 59k 🫡 ready to suffer with all of you.

  27. Proud to be a member of the 1-2k deferred 🫡

  28. My estimates are based off previous years, but Penn usually defers 20-30% of the ed applicants. They reject most applicants out right

  29. Can you elaborate on the misaligned logo? You’ve piqued my interest haha

  30. You have a chance at the early decision round

  31. Wait, so your ENTIRE courses and grades section was completely missing???

  32. Is it fine if I submitted courses and grades for 9-11 and send my mid year transcript through my school?

  33. Could you make the pictures darker? I almost could see the car

  34. So I can prepare lattes without scalding the milk

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