1. I also agree that faces are important in the kibbe system. Personally, I have never seen a romantic with dramatic features. So I think that face can be a helpful way to differentiate! Glad that you found your ID.

  2. I realized I was a soft natural when I tried to wear soft gamine lines lol. The high necklines felt like hell and I couldn't even fit into stuff that was my size because of my shoulders.

  3. I know right! Where are you from? I think it’s a cool skin tone and totally want to embrace it and not hide it :)

  4. Now I see how cool it is! I think part of the problem was that one time my "friend" told me that when I tan my skin looks "dirty" when it just got more medium olive... And idk it just stuck with me, also i never knew what colors would look good on me but now I thankfully have a whole community of people who understand!

  5. What a horrible comment! Forget that. Your natural tones are beautiful and worth taking care of and letting shine!

  6. The responses differ so clearly depending on pet people and people who have never lived with a pet.

  7. I actually live with a cat and had several animals growing up.

  8. What situations have you been in where a human has had to make a decision between the life of an animal and that of a human? That seems unlikely to me with the exception of preservation efforts

  9. I didn't say that i was in that kind of a situation. I said that i find people who think this way weird. I've heard many times people saying how they would rather save their dog than a human for example

  10. So why didn’t you just ask the stylist to darken it?

  11. Well I already paid a lot of money for that one job. I asked her to darken it in the next session and it ended up looking unnatural and some parts looked green. I had to go to another hairdresser who did exactly what I wanted.

  12. Ok well normally if the stylist doesn’t do what to want you can go to them and they will tone it darker for free, other then that you don’t have much wiggle room

  13. Idk maybe in the US, here you have to pay for everything extra

  14. Ew you could've at least put a NSFW tag...

  15. "Width" as Kibbe uses it refers not to the whole body being wide but to the upper body being (even slightly, it would seem) proportionately wider compared to the rest of the body. It is addressed at the top of

  16. Aren't most people soft naturals then since most people have a slightly wider upper body?

  17. Im curious about your season too haha Btw thanks for the advice!!

  18. I suggest allowing typing posts for example on Sundays because from my experience people don't get as much feedback when they post just a comment. Idk if it's just me but I originally joined this subreddit because I liked the type me posts. I thought it was a great way to learn, now it's much more strict here and imo its ruining the quality of this sub because typing was really fun and it IS a part of kibbe

  19. Typing others isn’t a part of Kibbe, it’s not allowed in the facebook groups either and it was part of the reason why it was restricted. Also the posts were rarely receiving much feedback, most of them were low-effort mirror photos or in underwear. The majority of the regular users of the subreddit didn’t want them and that’s why now that they are in the megathread they get little engagement, people just genuinely don’t like them.

  20. Personally i think the little engagement is because people are too lazy to actually go to that thread and click on the links lol but yeah when the post is low effort it's annoying I get it.

  21. Lol the reason so many people ask is because of the absolute shit ton of gatekeeping you'll find in other places. People with literal curly ringlets post on here saying they have wavy hair (they're welcome regardless I don't have a problem) because if they say it's curly some people go insane.

  22. Lmao i just asked if my hair is wavy and got downvoted. Did i do something wrong?? I don't get it lol

  23. When it comes to games, I think there are girls who feel like if a character has big boobs then it's meant for horny guys and they feel kinda "threatened" by it I guess lol. That's why they don't want characters to have big boobs.

  24. She also said that soft dramatics look heavy lol like all soft dramatics are fat or something

  25. Omg that's so true lol it's like only girls with small boobs deserve cute bras

  26. Who is the girl in the first picture?

  27. Lol being an INTP doesn't equal to being a jerk also any type can ghost someone

  28. Oh I see! Thank you so much 🙏🏻

  29. Because I feel like I should contribute to the society and do something useful. It gives me feeling that I'm doing something important. Also as others have said, in order to get the things you want you need money lol

  30. Well, after seeing some of the reactions to your post, I think it's time for something I usually find myself commenting over at

  31. Exactly! Also it's kinda stupid to assume that people are some machines with functions that make them wired to be EXACTLY the same. Like just because you perceive things the same way doesn't mean you will always act the same. It's like the assumption that ALL INFPs are innocent and cute and would never hurt anyone just because their main function is Fi lol.

  32. Yeah its really annoying but come on... We're literally putting up our boob sizes so that everyone can see it. It's not that unexpected that creeps like that. Its just something that comes with being so open on the internet unfortunately

  33. Victim blaming and excusing men acting like animals when they can 100% help themselves and stop doing it.

  34. I didn't say that you MUST endure that I said that some people are dumb and you can't change their behavior. I didn't say it's okay to behave like that but it's just something that will probably never change unfortunately. You don't have to be a victim just don't listen to that shit and don't take it too seriously because it's really harmful

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