1. Got this a few weeks back for $28 on sale and I’m not sure if this is a desirable flavor or a bad batch. It’s super chemically and almost mentholly in flavor. Effects are good but I’m just not sure on the taste. Even vapes very low temps on youcan uni pro

  2. 10% limonine 2% ocimine 1.7% linalool 1.5% caryophyllene 1.1% myrcene for the hot ice.. butterfly effect stuff doesn’t have terps listed

  3. Lmaooo. Depends on how much u take. After a certain amount I lose most abilities to communicate as a human and become barely able to understand movies of tv, much keeping attentive to changing conversations at a dinner table

  4. I bought some of this, and still have it- I just don't know how it works, I feel like dabbing one of those crystals would hurt, but I didn't want to break them apart. I bought budder instead. Any tips on these diamonds in sauce?

  5. Good questions, the diamonds turns into liquid/ oil when they get heated up! The crystals dab very smooth and the sauce is where the flavors at!

  6. Thanks for letting me know. I know that dabs can be kind of painful for me and I was scared. lol If I consume all of my diamonds do I just get rid of what's left or should I crunch and stir it up?

  7. Totally agree w you on this. They can down vote it all they want it’s decent overpriced medicine at best I left the program because idk how you cut it $90 for 5.66 because that’s all I got hell nah I’ll drive up north

  8. I paid 5 a gram for this bud and 40 bucks for 1.7 gs of concentrate. You don’t have to buy 89$ Woodward jars, there is other options

  9. I picked up the syringes too for that price. Not sure how I feel about them but they work lol

  10. I get a sweet earthy taste in my versa but can’t get over that gassy smell 👃 ⛽️ 🔥

  11. I've had light, airy nugs that tasted like hay with no effects from Farkas/Bullseye Gardens. The only Galenas I've bought in the last several months has been Dual OG and I was fond of it. I don't buy Galenas often though. The biggest complaint I've heard about them is smashed nugs because of the bags, haven't really heard people with the experience you describe in regards to Galenas specifically but yes on other cultivators.

  12. The dual og was the best flower I had from galenas, behind the EPBC. Both were sticky and smelled great, I wasn’t impressed with gorilla nut or chocolate mint og at all tho

  13. Did u get the artifact jars or in the tenth bags? The tenth bags are strait reggie im sorry lol

  14. Nice, now that I know it has CDT I’ll give them a try.

  15. I had waited to try them a while since they seemed expensive but then they dropped the list price to 44 for the .85s and on sale they’re like 35$ which isn’t too bad, not as powerful as klutch carts for me but they have a good cannabis taste and your typical distillate effects. I think there may be a small bit of cbg added too

  16. Like the title I just saw harvest has yeti kush and orange queen. Any info like FS, distillate, cannabis derived terps or botanical or hemp TIA.

  17. I believe the packaging says cannabis distillate and cannabis derived terpenes. I haven’t tried them tho

  18. I snagged a Blood Orange budder from Sunnyside Cincinnati this morning! I honestly thought it was a typo, so I'm glad you posted this! I just didn't think there was any way that this amount was under $50. Just got a Puffco Peak Pro last week and my little mini fridge arrived today. This sale was right on time! After some thought, I went back for some Apex cured sugar. Gotta get my terpinolene! 🥰 I should be good for a while!! And since I'm like a kid on Xmas, I have no doubt I can use them before they expire. The Apex sugar expires 11/30/22.

  19. Even though they’re about to expire too as long as it smells and tastes fresh it should last long after that date:) I’m glad you were able to pick up the deal, I finally got a peak last night and I’m in love with it!!!

  20. This is my favorite brand for concentrates! Very decently priced too! Suck’s Cincinnati sunny side plays with people and don’t let online orders in the door who drive an hour to make it before they close

  21. They do a great job for the price, I’ve never been to the cincy one but I’ve sure heard lots of stories haha. What other brands do you enjoy?

  22. I think terpinolene strains are super calming, but those are mostly sativas. You could try Apricot Gelato from Klutch. That's a good Indica. Also, try Pineapple PZ from Klutch. THC is not high but the effects are lovely and very calming.

  23. That’s interesting, terpinoline triggers my anxiety more than any other terpene it seems, I like it in low doses tho for energy and the flavor, crazy how unique we all are in terms of how different products affect different people

  24. I think with it being cured wax it was purposely left to cure for sometime before packaged

  25. Cured refers to the material it was made from, meaning cured bud, as opposed to fresh frozen bud

  26. Damn that sucks, I have to make the drive to newark today and I’m hoping when I get there they still have some! I placed an online order but I’m not sure if sunnyside reserves items

  27. That’s nice, if I manage to snag some I’ll post some pics and reviews for sure

  28. No. Call the manufacturers up and speak with them. Dispensaries don’t do returns

  29. Depends on the dispensary. Board of pharmacy rules give the ultimate say to the dispensary if they will do returns for defective items, but they are allowed to and I know some do do returns for a fact

  30. Maybe I haven't had truffletini or any truffle strains. But still I'd think they fit a lot on those labels they could fit it on there. The main flag was what it's labeled at the dispo even they were surprised that it's listed as solventless love rosin.

  31. Dude you don't know shit GANS is OK had their CLR but don't come bashing shit when you have no aim, seriously

  32. I visited to pick up from Ohio yesterday and it was by far the best products I’ve picked up in the state so far after multiple visits. The fact that everything is grown and processed under the same roof sits really well with me and I was treated very well in the dispensary. I’m a bud tender and the man checking me out was happy to chat me up and answer any questions. All my products were fresh, which after visits to other dispensaries in Michigan and receiving expired products , this was a big step up. I hope Ohio can have microbussiness’s like this one day because I was extremely impressed.

  33. You clearly got a different grow then I did or something that was properly stored because I tried large amounts of 4 different strains and I’ll maintain it was basically Terrapin level shit without the stems.

  34. Damn, I’m sorry you had that experience! I will say that I mostly tried processed products which were great and the only flower I tried the banana og which I got a great batch of! Just an eighth tho so I can’t speak too much to their flower :)

  35. How’s that banana smoking?

  36. I want to go to winewood soooo bad. What do their concentrates cost ?

  37. Live resin was like 40-50 a g but buying bulk seems like their prices go down a lot. Cured wax u can get like an eighth of wax for 100$! I’m from central Ohio and made the drive cuz I was out of days and it’s most def worth it :) I received amazing customer service and thought it was so cool everything is grown and processed under one roof

  38. Well we both are because not all dispensaries will issue a refund. So now what. Did you get your refund.

  39. That’s true. Sorry about my abrasiveness, just was annoyed about the situation. Pure Ohio will send me a gift card and I’m out of luck on the days situation it seems. The board of pharmacy can’t mandate SF or any dispensary to issue returns. I’m fine without the “day” I just know some people rely on getting their full recommendation. Plus , we also pay doctors, and the state for a full recommendation, so I’m just upset about the situation as a matter of principle

  40. Unfortunately the BOP says it’s up the the discretion of the dispensary if they do any sort of return for patients, including for days

  41. Problem child diamond disposable from lighthouse was very yummy and pungent, a bit different from the lemon slush tho, more earthy and coffee hints in the problem child

  42. I am new to this kind of lifestyle. What makes it good or bad?

  43. Look at some live resin and live rosin on my profile and you can see some great extracts I’ve gotten that are different types and consistencies! Never have had one like this. It was cheap and I mixed it with some sauce so I’m not mad, just very interesting and weird for a live resin

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