1. No one won the badbeat jackpot? I won the bb jackpot when my full house lost to bigger full house. Isnt't losing to royal with fh bigger bad beat?

  2. Losing hand needs to be aces full of tens or higher to qualify

  3. I think its just a fold honestly with a shove and a call you are almost never gonna be best on that board in a single raised pot 100bb deep. But its definitely close with the odds he's getting. I mean maybe you are best like 10% of the time and you do have 4 outs but yeah I think its just a blunder to call. Should look it up on a solver I guess.

  4. If this raised athletics even marginally faster that it does now, I would be all about it

  5. athletics is easy to level riding is a pain tho since its slower to get kills. You can easily get at least 50 kills every big fight and more in sieges if you avoid projectiles and dont get unlucky. After athletics 150 just dont use shield run around and kill everything. My last campaign before I trashed it lasted around 30 hours and I got athletics to around 300

  6. Easiest way to get fian champions is to go trough every battanian village and marking the ones that have noble troops and then just killing looters and going back to the villages to recruit. Maybe 2 hours max and you will have at least 50 fian champions then you can put them in garrison and make more.

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