1. I agree. Only course I have ever bought and worth every penny

  2. When I was a med student I had a pediatric attending who told me “people don’t fear measles because they haven’t actually seen measles”

  3. It’s amazing how many people don’t have stop losses

  4. And if you can't use them you are even worse imo

  5. Anybody can use indicators. It’s not hard to interpret RSI and MACD and all those. But they lag and tell you what price did. Real skill comes in analyzing price, volume, and level 2

  6. Lol, I love that you are only mentioning the two most popular technicals. I combine MACD, RSI and DMI on my subs, while on my main chart I use a combination of 200MA, 50MA, 5EMA, and VWAP. Then I use charting and volume to determine reversals and to trade inside channels. Say what you will, but thus far I've only had one bad loss which was during the September CPI reveal in October that burned the shit out of a couple grand in puts. Excluding that I'm running at 84% profitable trades average about 8% return per trade. Skill or not, I'm very okay with those numbers.

  7. I’m very happy you are profitable using indicators of past price action

  8. What are your alternative options? I kinda feel like that’s what it depends on

  9. I started Walker because I have Ekeler who’s an auto start but my other RB is Swift who’s annoying AF in fantasy

  10. How do you feel today? I stsrted him over white for the upside. I don’t feel happy but I’m not overly disappointed either

  11. Not great because I also started Aiyuk thinking he’d take most of the Deebo volume

  12. You’re never gonna see you’re money disappear so fast then your usual 10 cons straight to 100 cons. You won’t handle the pressure, you probably don’t have enough cash to average down 6 times and you’ll be broke within a couple months

  13. Well it’s a good thing I’m consistently profitable and use stop losses

  14. OP - beginners and small timers trade the SPY. Proper traders use the SPX, its 10x the size of SPY.

  15. I like to scalp intraday and the spread on SPY is usually a penny or 2. The spread for SPX is larger

  16. Rex Grossman is on that list twice in the same season he went to the superbowl

  17. I need Folk to get less than 16 and I get a 1st round bye

  18. I need Folk to get less than 16 and I get a 1st round bye

  19. The market doesn’t care about what you think will happen

  20. Pittman was gonna be a PPR monster as the WR1 for Ryan

  21. It doesn’t matter bro, the guy above already answered my question. I'm starting, I think it's normal. Thanks for caring anyway.

  22. But it does matter. You started trading options and didn’t even know anything about them. It’s actually caring of me to tell you it was a bad idea to trade options if you aren’t knowledgeable in them

  23. Perhaps I expressed myself wrong... my doubt was because the commissions are separate and there is no record of the commissions transaction by transaction, or at least I can't find it, only the total. Now on closer inspection I realized. And don't worry, I know what I'm doing.

  24. There is no commission on TD just price per contract

  25. In an auction league I initially drafted Burrow and was just trying to drive the price up for Mahomes but ended up getting him for $11. I then traded Burrow for Jacobs the week Jacobs started busting off 30 points a game

  26. Never force a trade. If the setup isn’t there, it’s okay to sit on the sidelines.

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