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  1. Same here. Its probably to try and raise viewership. They definitely lost viewers and viewer interest after the 2.0 smart as VKM was, Trips has really brought back the fire

  2. Raises viewership; gives main roster guys something fresh to do; gives NXT guys great experience.

  3. I disagree with him on Elimination Chamber. The whole idea of it was that it could be a match that happens at any given point in time. To me that was kind of the magic of it. The original was at Survivor Series and then SummerSlam the year after. In theory, Elimination Chamber was similar to Hell in a Cell in that it could happen at any time to settle a feud.

  4. His point was that you can't exactly have an Elimination Chamber match to blow off a feud, unlike HIAC where someone should be challenged to a match.

  5. Dog got out leading to a two hour search and a cold dinner.

  6. If your whole family got involved searching for the dog, then I hope it was a nice bonding experience.

  7. It was right in front of them what to do with Wardlow. They did it with Miro, Darby, and Cody. Have him wrestle good wrestlers throughout the weeks. Not just squashes. Let it tell a meaningful story.

  8. I like that Britt can't seem to keep her grubby little hands off of Jamie's belt, and also that she's not doing the played-out bit of obviously staring at it all the time.

  9. Also, Brit interrupting Hayter and taking the mic when Hayter should have been giving her first promo as champ.

  10. Secondary belts are for rising new talent....and Joe already has a belt anyways soooo what's the plan?

  11. Short build times often lead to the best builds. Less chance to screw things up and stretch things out. Just think of all the same same matches we'd be getting if they had 3 more extra weeks. We'd exhaust these combinations instead of it feeling fresh

  12. Just look at the build for the women's match. That shit has been going on since Summerslam.

  13. Ridiculous to call this the full story, it was just the beginning.

  14. WWE was their dream jobs, so wouldn't be surprised to see either or both return.

  15. Hobbs v Wardlow? BIG MEATY MEN SLAPPING!? Yes please.

  16. Brian Cage vs Samoa Joe? BIG MEATY MEN SLAPPING!? Yes please.

  17. A lot went on tonight, but I have four main takeaways from this episode of RAW:

  18. Gotta get through War Games first! Hopefully things will change up for the women after that.

  19. Alexa Bliss booking this year has been terrible she deserves better

  20. We don't vote for PMs in the Westminster system, we vote for parties. The party decides on who the leader is, and therefore the PM.

  21. I'm sad the Index catalogue is gone. Though when they closed down, as an employee, I got 50% off everything, alloweding 16 year-old me to buy a widescreen TV and a Dreamcast... good times.

  22. When I was in this scenario several years ago, I applied for a bridging visa and worked under 'implied status' until the bridging visa was approved.

  23. As an English tradesman that lived in Canada for a good while then moved back, I've had to learn to get used to metric again over here. All trades use imperial for everything in Canada.

  24. Such a pain in the hole learning imperial to make buying stuff from Home Depot easier.

  25. Check the weather forecast and base your decision on how you typically cope with the cold.

  26. A lot of people vape weed here. It's more convenient than smoking a joint, you can actually taste the strain and the smell is nowhere near as strong. Often this is just a little oil cartridge attached to battery - most people I know (including myself) switched to these over joints - or they switched to edibles.

  27. Oil cartridge? People really shouldn't be vaping oil! You sure it's oil in there and not a PG/VG blend?

  28. Aye the problem with cannabis isn’t that it’ll kill you or that it will lead you on to worse drugs, the problem with cannabis is that it makes doing fuck all too much fun so you end up falling behind on essential tasks. Definitely something the disorganised - like myself - must avoid at all costs.

  29. Vape some sativa, not indica and blast through those chores whilst listening to an audiobook.

  30. See this is the problem with weed being illegal. We don't get to make informed choices about the strains we're getting you have a choice of weed from that guy Dave who is definitely on coke all the time or weed from Steve who sells trash 1/2 the time.

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