1. Try a stomach massage (but make sure you do it right), get him moving a bit, helps the GI tract. Jakob, get better soon, we need your cute trumpet voice!

  2. Sheriff Cub is on her way to arrest you for such cruelty!

  3. Wahahahaha I love this so much!!! Also ngl. Cub looks cute with a beret, really suits her

  4. You think he’s a good boy 24/7? I had to stop him THRICE from eating the VACUUM CLEANER

  5. He just kept going back to lick and chew it… And I always had to shoo him away or tell him to stop, at this point I think he knows when he hears an angry “PORRIDGE!” he’s supposed to stop doing whatever he is doing

  6. Oh no, I’m so sorry. He’s such a pretty little boy… I’m sure he will be super popular across the rainbow bridge and have lots of friends

  7. I think anything sweet tbh. The less acidic, the better, so… Banana, grape, mango

  8. I love Porridge so much! Thank for all of your posts!🐰🐰🐰

  9. I LOVE that hat photo. So cute… So intimidating… Cowbun…

  10. I just got in a horrible car crash that left my car totaled and I really needed this advice from mr. Bigwig. Thank you.

  11. Oh man, that sucks… Hopefully some bunnies can mend your mind for a moment

  12. I'm curious: do the 2 lionheads and the 2 rexes prefer to hang out with each other, rather than mixing it up (one of the rexes with one of the lionheads)? I'm asking because we've had one pic of Porge with Spoom, and then 2 pics in a row of Cubby with Smolwig.

  13. They all hang out with each other, interchangeably! Right now Cub is loafing with Porridge right next to me.

  14. Thanks!! I love posting them! And I love reading the comments afterwards!

  15. Not bigger, he just melted a little bit, his mass remains the same! No need to panic! Bingbing is still his real self, just melted. Like a raclette cheese.

  16. Oh man that caption scared me, I thought you meant the mourning process and I was like noooooooo… Very happy your boy is doing well! Neuter wounds on boys usually heal easily.

  17. Which one is the large grey one, and what kind of rabbit are they if you don't mind my asking?

  18. Why in this picture porridge look so strong and dominant compared to other pic that he look like empty head and derpy

  19. He chunked up some after he arrived here, both in chub and in muscle! Plus, his fur changed!

  20. Oh no, I’m so sorry… He knew he was loved, and will forever be loved by you. May he reunite with all our other dearly departed bunnies and binky across the cloud fields forever

  21. Not really, all you can hear is a silent “plop, plop, plop”

  22. OOOAAAAHHHH I must smooch the forehead of this big bebber

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