[Post Game Thread] The Oklahoma City Thunder (26-28) defeat the Los Angeles Lakers (25-30), 133-130.

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  1. The entire movie was nothing but a cringe fest start to finish.

  2. I love that you linked the YTMND rather than go find actual video of it lmao

  3. YTMND was one of the giants which created internet culture. Its nice to see it still running.

  4. Is there a reason no Pokemon games will be included? Possibly a licensing thing with GF?

  5. Best way to play old school Pokemon is with roms and a speed multiplier anyway.

  6. Its really a shame how bad a coach Nagy ended up being because by all accounts he seems like a good dude. He’s just so, so, so bad at coaching.

  7. So your big plan after failing to defeat Ukraine, a country without a great military presence, is to attack Poland, a member of NATO which has much greater defense capabilities? Good luck.

  8. I heard there was no documented case of a single soldier, SS or Heer, getting trialed for disobeying…questionable orders.

  9. Probably depends if we're talking infantrymen, or low ranks associated with the camps.

  10. I'm sure most employees would rather get more money in their paychecks than see it spent on pointless big internal events.

  11. One of the few games probably worth $70, but I don't want this to become the norm.

  12. That Crossed miniseries which took place generations after the fall of civilization was alright.

  13. Trans is basically huge and unstoppable at this point. Seems futile to fight it. In the end, I think fighting it will only skew younger votes and bring them to the polls.

  14. you mean they do not have definite properties independent of observation? like how the universe was proved to be not locally real? That's so deep bro. Imma have to think about this more and brush up on my quantum physics before responding.

  15. He had a John stockton video talking about being antivax on his story right before the trade request

  16. The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of evil alien worms who want to steal your body.

  17. Oh hey I got perabanned there without an official stated stated reason, but the only notable thing I did that day was say there is drone footage of the Rittenhouse shooting, provided a short snippet of it, and got 5k upvotes. (This was before it was shown at the trial and widely known about, but snippets floated around the internet for over a year.) I messaged mods and got no response for 3 days before being told, "Fuck off, you and your friends have no bearing on this sub."

  18. What service do mods actually provide? Because a world without any mods sounds good to me.

  19. Yeah like.. that ending.. .. it didn't actually do anything bad. It kinda actually even vaguely worked as a satirical joke.

  20. The ending made me chuckle in "Lol stupid machine" way. Which may have been the whole point.

  21. LeBron’s camp misfired this one. It would have been much better just to let it go and hope everyone forgot about it.

  22. Right? It's a regular season game pre-all star break. This isn't the end of the world

  23. Modernizing controls is the best thing SF6 has going for it. The industry has been stuck in the 90s for 30 years when it comes to controls.

  24. How would you configure Street fighter 6 to have more modern controls? What specifically would you change about it to make it simpler?

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