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  1. While there is no wrong way to play Factorio, you are definitely taking your time. Again, that is totally fine. I would just warn you to watch out for biters, if they are active on Nauvis. You got a lot of burning going on there.

  2. I reckon my strategy of being too busy to play it at all is stretching the battery.

  3. I bought it so I could play when I had a free moment. I learned I don't actually have those.

  4. He makes it back quickly OUR time, but he was over there for weeks, if not months. Probably years, if the Flaxans aging so quickly is any indication.

  5. There is definitely some time line confusion with the Flaxans if they are keeping the Flaxan dimension the same as they did in comics. I think it could be argued he was in the Flaxan dimension for years based on the way the comics had their dimension work.

  6. I was talking to a friend about how my favorite drink is a negroni and he said he only likes them in the winter. I said he should try a hot weather negroni. He said what’s that. I said it’s when you make and drink a normal negroni but it’s hot out, they are great.

  7. I wish I were that clever. That ad is amazing.

  8. IDK, I might be depressed if I've only had one big bang in 14B yrs

  9. Crocs in the house is a godsend to those of us on the heavy side with unforgiving floors. My house is on a concrete slab and wearing crocs all day is what keeps my feet pain free all day. It’s like walking on an anti fatigue mat.

  10. They ordered through the 10th season before all this came out if I understand the timeline correctly.

  11. When my wife and I had our first kid I found a much more laid back way to play factorio that involved turning off biters and generally just being okay with the idle. I actually finished space exploration 0.5, mostly playing with a child on me. It was really nice.

  12. Biters don't bother you after a certain stage.

  13. I almost exclusively play Space Exploration at this point, so sometimes biters can be a problem. On the homeworld Nauvis, not so much, but on your outpost planets where they are routinely supplied you can run into all sorts of issues. Biter meteors can also be a big issue or just an unfortunate meteor strike can knock out that one power pole that kept your colony alive.

  14. The wood into biomethanol loop is even better later. It is pretty heavily polluting but you can generate a lot of electricity from basically just wood. You'll almost certainly want to throw in some sand to keep the footprint down.

  15. I have about 3500 hours in factorio and literally got my steam deck this Saturday, with the intention of continuing my SEK2 play through. There is a very nice community steam deck layout that works pretty well, even for complex mod schemes.

  16. He played with /c game.speed= 4170.0y

  17. Maybe he’s moving at you know…something like .99976c? Best way I know to fit about 1000 hours into one day.

  18. wouldn't that slow time down? Oh, I guess it would for him, but not from out perspective. You're right!

  19. Yeah for him 24 hours would go by but on Earth 1000 hours would go by. I ballparked the calculation it’s really like 1090 hours or something but you know, rounding errors.

  20. This has to be a deepfake? He actually seems angry that he doesn't want to date M&M's anymore? He praises sexist M&M's? Wtf is this reality.

  21. I literally came to say the same thing. This is such a wild take on Tuckers part.

  22. You think he actually masturbated to those sexy boots before this? I cannot rule out the possibility anymore.

  23. I always love pointing out that Vantablack isn’t just “a paint”. It’s a super advanced carbon-nanotube structure that physically traps photons. Of course nobody patented the color black.

  24. “Vanta” is an acronym for vertically aligned nanotube arrays. It’s cool stuff. Also carbon nanotubes are far worse for your lungs than asbestos so there is some logic to keeping them out of casual usage.

  25. This looks like the water Navi village from Avatar 2

  26. I believe this only because I, like every other commenter I’m sure, has not seen Avatar 2.

  27. Why do assume that people have not seen a very popular movie?

  28. In all honesty, I think I’m just comparing it to how popular the last one was, which isn’t really fair. I haven’t seen it and if anyone I know has seen it, they haven’t mentioned it. It’s probably an unfair comparison to what was probably the most popular movie of a decade. Hell, my grandmother asked me what I thought of the first one. The last two movies she saw in theatre before Avatar was Passion of the Christ and ET. So I guess I was expecting more buzz. No idea if it is popular or good, just making shitty one off comments on Reddit.

  29. You absorb more radiation sleeping next to another person vs. sleeping alone.

  30. Aliens would probably have similar levels of radiation though. Which I would bet would be equally harmless.

  31. I know this is obviously a joke but I mean…people are getting really up in arms about 5G. They are literally raging against the electromagnetic spectrum.

  32. I went to verify that and I mispoke. He's now (as of 2021-02) an official concept artist. He wasn't to begin with. My bad.

  33. Yeah his modder name is Earendel and his mods are amazing. If you are into factorio and art, try checking out the models used in space exploration. The deep supercomputer “in use” model processing star maps is fantastic.

  34. Obviously you’re making a joke, but there are a lot of people in the factorio community who buy it after pirating it. The mod support is absolutely worth it.

  35. Watch this making rounds on instagram, only for tate cucks to come out of their pits, and say "useless talent, should go to the gym instead" or "what an absolute beta, he is never getting a girl like this"

  36. I’m 37. When I was 20 I rented a shitty apartment with no internet so I learned how to solve a Rubik’s cube to keep myself occupied. I’m not particularly fast or anything and I got help from the local library but I can still do it.

  37. It depends on how you cook the plastic though, 700 calories with raw plastic, and 701 when you cook it. Every calorie counts

  38. I actually wanted to estimate the total energy contained if release via fusion (or fission, but I assume there are few heavy elements in there). Convert it all to iron 56 and then give me a caloric estimate please.

  39. Well kratos can kill gods who are capable of shaking the 9 realms with just their sheer power alone. Also each realm is its own infinite universe which would put kratos at multiversal being able to scale to these gods that can shake multiple universes at once just by fighting, so yeah. Kratos most likely solos the verse without much difficulty

  40. While I don’t disagree with you, I feel like it really comes down to a battle of plot armor. I only played a few of the GoW games but like…sure, he’s an all powerful godkiller. Except why does he have to faff about with all these piddling little non-boss enemies. Nolan literally ruins an entire civilization in a few weeks and can destroy an entire planet. Can Kratos shatter a world? Can he live after he shattered a world? I’m not sure. If nothing else, it makes for a fun discussion.

  41. Gameplay mechanics my guy. Its like how Doom Slayer in the lore is immune to all forms of damage but for gameplay purposes, he is is susceptible to damage so it won’t be too easy.

  42. So, serious question here but I thought the Doom Slayer was able to be hurt, and that what made him special is that he was empowered by the death of his enemies? Like I literally got around to Doom 2016 last month and that was one of my big take squad was that yes, he can be injured. But he heals from killing the minions of hell not just as a game mechanic but as the core reason why he is able to fight the legions of hell. Like a shittier, less determined version of the doom slayer could be killed, and those are the ghosts that you see in hell towards the end of the game? I feel like this was a major plot point in like one of the last couple levels of the game. I haven’t played Eternal though in case they retcon/add on to the Doom Slayer lore.

  43. When my son was four months old, new neighbors moved in next door. We went over to say hello, and the mom cried out, "Now there's a healthy breast-fed baby!" She said breast-fed babies had such chunky thighs (she was a pediatrician), and I'm sure someone else might have been offended, but I was thrilled, LOL.

  44. Yeah I mean…I have two boys, both were giant kids. Which is fair, I’m 6’5” and their mom is like 5’8”. But they weren’t really breast fed. Mom had trouble with supply. We used a lot of formula and even had to ask one of our best friends for breast milk since we had kids around the same age. Point is I think that kind of comment actually would’ve come off as pretty shitty to someone who was already struggling with feelings of inadequacy over breast feeding.

  45. I cannot get behind this until you can get Danny DeVito to scream “RUM SPAAAAAM”

  46. Wait so you have never seen the whole show, not "The View From Halfway Down"?

  47. Everyone always talks about how good that is, but I’ve only watched it once. The last season hurt me too much to rewatch. I’ve watched the series maybe 7-10 times other than the last season, but I haven’t been able to rewatch since the last one came out so I keep missing out on that.

  48. It hurts less the more often you watch it. Over time you notice the beauty of it. My recommendation is to give it another shot. But don't do anything you don't want to do.

  49. There is something really amazing about a show where every recommendation comes with a constant undercurrent of "don't do anything you don't feel mentally prepared for." I will give it another go soon. I think I'll probably just pick up from season 4 and play it through since I've seen 1-3 a dozen times I'm sure.

  50. The amount of students that talk about how the gov shouldn't be anything more than for national defense and any social programs are a drain on society.

  51. Well it’s not like we get to collect social security anyway right? Get rid of it!

  52. I find it better than a trailer! A trailer is just gonna show us stuff we're gonna see anyway, and stuff comic readers know we're gonna see, plus it spoils stuff. Cute vids like this are new content, original, funny, show animation, and provide information. Plus there's a page from the script in there.

  53. I don’t know. A real trailer would give us at least 6 months of “was that x from story arc y” Charlie Kelly cork boarding theories while we wait. I would love some wild speculation for the next few months.

  54. Serious question, what do other countries use for logic gates?

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