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  1. This was happening to me on vyv 30. Particularly around the same time each day. I explained to my doc and she actually increased my dose and it hasn’t been happening since. The short of it is apparently that on the lower amount i was coming down too hard. Not sure why the increased dose worked but it did

  2. I'm on 30mg now, and it's def been observed in my 20 and 30 mg dosage

  3. Methylphenidate did this to me and i had to change meds after a few days because i was waaay to irritable and didn't want to lose my job. I actually switched to Vyvanse/adderall but many people are completely opposite me when it comes to med tolerability

  4. I'm not TOO bad on vyvanse, but I have found when I do get cranky it spikes quicker than my normal

  5. I don't like that it is classed as a disability but that's probably because I've grown up linking disability with something negative. That being said I don't feel I am disabled for having it

  6. Make dogs live longer and gain the ability to speak

  7. Do you have an update of how your dad has tried since to make it up?

  8. Ive asked the same thing before, Z6ii as well.

  9. I've only ever had vyvanse I found it to be quite good and doesn't feel like I've taken a huge hit of coffee or anything like that, but rather that someone has turned down the chatter in my brain and I'm able to focus better. However, if I do have coffee on top of it, I do find that it tends to be a little bit more stimulatory than it should be, as I'm quite used to caffeine in high levels from before I got diagnosed. That being said vyvanse tends to make me better at focusing for about 8 hours before it becomes obvious that it's worn off

  10. Thanks for responding. Sorry for the delay. Was wondering do you find it puts you in a better mood? Like almost a bit happier and positive? I do find that with Adderall.

  11. I wouldn't say "happier" per se, more so that I feel like my brain is running efficiently so instead of fretting about random crap in the background wasting energy in that I focus most into my present moment and feel happier

  12. Diagnosed at 32, really got hit by the 'what life could have been' moment intially. But then I realised that the reason I never got earlier diagnosis is probably because I was coping pretty well up till then and that I am at a stage where it just got more. In saying that I am okay with it, knowing I am where I am and have the friends that I do because of who I was and who I am now after diagnosis and meds is an even better version of me

  13. In high school, part of how I made friends was inviting people to sit with me who didn't have people to sit with at lunch. It worked pretty well. (We had 4 cafeterias that you were randomly assigned to, so it wasn't like it was particularly misanthropic people or anything.).

  14. Ive done similar, invited people in uni who sat by themselves to our tables in tutorials and they ended up becoming life long friends

  15. I generally try not to make it a point of conversation in my life. However, at times it has been needed to be said such as work where I was struggling before I got diagnosed and then once we realise what was happening and I made my work aware of what was happening, they were more understanding and much more supportive to my needs.

  16. This description of your girlfriend is an exact replica of myself with my wife. She would constantly complain that I would not initiate dates or anything like that or even just communications with friends or her family and reading your post and the comments that have subsequently come through about non-time sensitive things being pushed from the front of our minds to be done later is actually enlightening for me as to why it never happened before. Whereas now I'm being way more proactive after having started my medications and then realising that down the line. I don't actually reach out to my friends that much when it's evening as I'm at the tail end of my medication for the day.

  17. Last I looked composite decking was about 3x the cost of hardwood. Composite decking also expands quite a lot in the heat, requires more joists and can get very hot if in direct sunlight. The positive though is it requires very little maintenance.

  18. That's a good point. I did, however, read that they also need to be sanded before reoiling or is that not needed anymore? I only ask as you didn't mention it, but I thought I'd clarify for my own sake

  19. The ban on townhouses lifted. Our housing options should be more than appartments or free standing houses. If Brisbane wants to be a world city it needs to act like it.

  20. Basically impossible to build missing middle/Town Houses because we have to "protect backyards" which basically just means drive up property prices and push the poors to appartments.

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