1. When he did it Luka last series I was impressed, but now that he's doing literally the exact same thing to Tatum, I'm starting to think this dude actually one of the best defenders in the league. 100% the real deal.

  2. Imagine how good his stat lines would be this series if he got his three falling again…

  3. Actually I remember the first couple of months people sort of despised the map. No one knew how to entry either of the sites at all and everyone complained that it was heavily defensive.

  4. Also doesn't help that Riot made the chances of playing Ascent way higher than any other map

  5. I don't think this is considered "accidentally" shooting someone dead

  6. Like the 4th post I've seen today from Oregon. Beautiful shot!! Was ths yesterday?

  7. He missed the last free thow on purpose lmao

  8. And bricked that open three on purpose too

  9. No way Andrew Wiggins still managed to finish with 17 points

  10. I cannot imagine what it feels like having my team being owned by Grayson Allen

  11. I find it so weird how we still have new footage of something that happened TWENTY YEARS AGO

  12. Unrelated but nephew has to be the cringiest insult ever

  13. Too bad he was last in the DAWG/36 stat

  14. Can you go from a trash team to a great regular season team in a single year?

  15. It's just a false dichotomy. Talent > Exp isnt controversial. But saying exp is irrelevant or not important is just a completely different argument which hasn't been substantiated.

  16. No, he didn't miss the joke, just pointed out the Animation quality. You missed the point, so you're the one who got whooshed

  17. That’s the joke in the anime though. She was performing a magic trick in the actual show. So he actually did get whooshed

  18. At least it’s better than the Timberwolves

  19. Anthony Edwards was a blessing from the basketball Gods

  20. But I thought he didn’t like basketball???

  21. I mean she’s stronger than tsunade and tsunade was a hokage sooooo

  22. I'm sure they are, especially since this was our second fight (I already left the first time and they showed up again

  23. In what world is that a p and not an n

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