1. I'm 8 weeks into a grow with em. Check my profile. Just set up 2 solo cups and 4 one gals to play around with it.

  2. I know this is an old thread, but coupons code dots4dgc just saved me $50 and got me free shipping. If you are buying grow dots use this code.

  3. I have that exact fan and filter. They work just fine, no issues. I also have another 4” fan of a different brand and a 6” spider farmer fan. That will do the job just fine, I haven’t had any issues in the year I’ve owned it. If sound is an issue, just know it will have a hum to it after a few months. Nothing crazy though.

  4. My girl was peeing everywhere during potty training. Turned out she had an urinary tract infection URI. I took her to the vet after she ran into my room and peed all over my bed. She had no other symptoms.

  5. Nanners. Pluck them with a tweezers, check for any others, then let it ride.

  6. You need more hydroton, any light getting into the reservoir is going to cause serious issues down the line.

  7. I have the sf4000. Good light, quality results. I would personally look at bar lights vs the quantum board. That will keep the tent cooler and give you better coverage to the edge of the tent. The sf4000 will get hot when you run it at full capacity. I have mine in a 4x4.

  8. If you spray a female plant and get pollen, that will be feminized pollen.

  9. But it will still cross correct with other plants could I put that pollen on another plant and have a new hybrid at that point?

  10. They can’t touch. These are clearly two nipples and everyone knows nipples don’t touch.

  11. I'm kinda new new to growing and this might sound stupid, but aren't 50% of the pistils turning brown indicates that it's ready for harvest? Considering that it started flowering in early December.

  12. Most people go by the trichomes on the bud. People look for mostly cloudy with some Amber. The more Amber the more couch lock you get. I’ve heard of people chopping based on pistils but I don’t think it’s as accurate. Also use a light that is not colored when you post the pictures. The red on the light makes it difficult to see. Good luck.

  13. You want at least 60x. I have a 30x loupe and it isn’t enough for me. I have the same digital scope that is linked in another comment. Works great, I second that recommendation.

  14. They’re all bud pics from various parts of the plant. thanks for your opinion 🙏🏻

  15. Right on, I still think it’s a bit early based on all the clear you can see.

  16. Yea I’m as thrown off as you are 🧐and nope, I’m very gentle with my gals

  17. I see a Mod says you’re in the window and I’d trust their opinion more than mine. Looks like some 🔥 you got going on.

  18. Totally fixable I have that exact model. Unplug it. Take the base and just rinse it out well. Take a toothbrush and scrub around where the most comes out (that black o ring). Should work much better after that. Make sure you change the water every day or two so it’s fresh and dump out the old water don’t just add to it. That will help keep the buildup from coming back as fast.

  19. Of course. Just make sure you unplug it unless you want an electrical shock. I’m speaking from experience.

  20. We need better pictures of the trichomes to be able give an honest answer.

  21. I was somewhat, but I didn't need to do that last time. The water splashes up enough to hit the bottom

  22. You might have had better root growth last time. Try using a a small pump to constantly have water going over your clay pebbles for the first few weeks. Once you have good root growth into the nutrient solution then take the pump out. It isn’t helpful after the first couple of weeks.

  23. Ok thanks! Any chance you can recommend a pump setup?

  24. Just a cheap aquarium pump. Don’t spend more than $15. It doesn’t have to move much water. The one I have is rated at 80 gallons per hour and I don’t have it going full blast. Just a nice steady stream over the pebbles.

  25. Creme de la Chem x (Northern Cheeze Haze x Sour Bubbly). 10's across the board.

  26. Damn brotha, any more ice in that and the glare will keep us from seeing the nugs!

  27. You appear to have multiple pollen sacs. You can pick them off and see if anymore grow or you can cull it.

  28. Tell me about the humidifier, looks interesting.

  29. Try holding on to the more aggressive dog when you think it’s out of hand and letting the other dog choose if they wants to continue to play. Friendly play would be both dogs taking turns being in a dominant position. The aggressive one looks friendly enough just very excited and wanting to play, you could try getting them some exercise before letting them play together. Once they get tired and the excitement wears off usually it’s much friendlier.

  30. You see that it says “reverse the flanges to double the life of the filter” correct? I’m not trying to change anything I just received this replacement filter and I wanna make sure I got the right product. It says they’re reversible as some filters are, but they reversibles I’ve seen have the four lil screws. I just opened this one and it looks to have rivets just like my old one and I don’t think they expect you to have to cut the rivets off to swap the caps/ flanges around.

  31. So the idea is that the filter is long and more air is pulled through the end that is closest to the fan. So with the reversible flange after using the filter for a while you take the flange off both ends and swap them. Then the air will be sucked in the end that used to be capped and supposedly less particulates will have gone through that part of the filter and they claim that it is extending the life of the filter. I don’t know how true that is but that is why they say it doubles the life of the filter.

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