1. As a Michigander that ad about the border crisis hit home.

  2. It's not a rather small donation. It is rather large. $2000 is the maximum individual political donation allowed by Kentucky law in a single year. Stinson donated the maximum last year during Greenberg's run against Dieruf, and donated $1000 in 2021 for the primary election (which Greenberg was already going to win).

  3. It’s not like they contributed tens of thousands of dollars to the PAC. 3000 is a drop in the bucket to 1.37 million. Wealthy people contribute the max individual donation all the time.

  4. Was this precooked or raw? I have precooked one from Costco I was contemplating putting on the Joe.

  5. I want to suggest smart bulbs, like Phillips Hue. It’s a little more initial investment but you get the dimming plus the added benefit of programmability and scheduling (ex, turn on automatically at sunset if you aren’t home.)

  6. Smart dimmers are even better, you don’t get colors but you still have a light switch when you want a light switch. They’re expensive but the cost might be close if you have multiple bulbs controlled by the same switch.

  7. Yeah. The Hue has a switch too. I’ve never used it but am considering it. It’d be great if you have house guests overnight.

  8. Definite disagree. Hadn't heard this version before, but it doesn't get anywhere close to the emotions conveyed by Orr's vocals in my opinion.

  9. How do you disagree without hearing it?

  10. Why the flying fuck are we looking at this shit. Come on.

  11. Completely forgot about this song. This is as 90s as it gets.

  12. I had never heard of this song before the Sturgill Simpson cover. Good stuff.

  13. I’m always surprised when they bring it to me. I’m not even a member, man. I don’t know how I get away with it.

  14. Some of these are great albums. Some of them I’ve never listened to. But Adore???? Really?

  15. I kind of agree, but everyone should get at least one questionable choice right?

  16. Yeah, not hating. Just commenting

  17. Good for him. I thought his covid policies were a case of him doing what he believed was right knowing it would cost him reelection. He’s exceeded my expectations entirely.

  18. Because in America we socialize the loses and privatize the profits.

  19. There are specific rules about how to store classified documents.

  20. Ok and you have proof they knew the documents were in the boxes and werent just packed by accident?

  21. Not at all. As someone else says to convict, you have to prove it was intentional. Theres nothing here to suggest that unlike Trump, who had to be raided to get them back.

  22. Why did you need three posts asking this?

  23. Newbie posting. Couldn’t figure out how to get a title, text & photo in OG post

  24. Got it. I had that issue with the mobile app initially too.

  25. Or periods even. That was hard to read.

  26. Try The ‘59 Sound, by The Gaslight Anthem. It’s great from start to finish.

  27. And all this press saying how awful he’ll be is just want he wants and what will feed his voters.

  28. KP needs to resign gracefully and accept a modest buyout. We can help him fabricate a plausible excuse.

  29. He’s got a depleted team. I really like him and want him to be successful for you all. Hope he is given a little time.

  30. Yeah. I was just thinking that. Hate it.

  31. Hazard in that context is another way of saying I think UK had it longer.. figured it was a southern thing but it seems I'm wrong lol.

  32. He’s trying too hard to get on

  33. I don’t get music videos. They are always awkward and I just don’t see the point. MTV doesn’t “sell” music anymore.

  34. Chiropractic is pseudoscience, end of story. If your back hurts, you need physiotherapy, not risking severe injury to make neat cracking noises.

  35. I once had a physiotherapist who was married to a chiropractor. I found that odd.

  36. Jungleland- Springsteen and the E Street Band. Clarence Clemons has a three minute saxophone solo and it’s amazing.

  37. Really good call. I was thinking guitar solos. He killed it on this album and this song in particular.

  38. I suggest finding critics that positively review albums you like then following them on social media someplace.

  39. Looks like a baby golden doodle? Soft and snuggly.

  40. Looks exactly like my golden doodle at about 3 weeks.

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