1. I did get them all out. I got this Maui moisture deep conditioner and left it on. I’m Puerto Rican so I have thick wavy and coarse hair. I also bought this Argon oil spray both from Ulta. I sprayed it all in the mat while I was brushing it with a wide tooth comb first from the bottom. Then I used a wet brush for hours. The little bit that was left was like the root of the mat. It was kind of like a dread loc, so I cut it and and so much loose hair fell out. I am now using a silk cap to sleep since I can’t do a protective style on my own. If I could, I would give you all awards. Thank you all.

  2. Picked up, and turned upside down, so then the person can slam your head into the floor.

  3. Spot on. Question your care. Even if you're getting good care- continue to be sure you're getting what you need.

  4. Thank you both so much. My primary care is great. I do regular and water OT, so I will ask them.

  5. How do you start that process? I have an Amazon one that I have been using for years and my Dr wants me to use a better one. That Amazon one can’t even make it over the smallest bump.

  6. We are friends on Insta and I always appreciate your posts

  7. Please take care of yourself my baby brother in law unalived bc his dad sounds very much like yours and the family too. Sometimes distance and not having your blood family is best.

  8. This is so much a lie it pisses me off. I actually had sepsis and my heart stopped I ended up in the ICU for 10 days. I have actual lupus and related AI diseases and don’t have a port or any of this stuff they smile about.

  9. Uh. Why don’t they bathe the kids and go for custody if the kids are neglected?

  10. Hi! I am in constant correspondence with David, and know he would love any kind of caring words you may have. To write him, you can sign up for a free account on they only charge you for stamps. I'm actually working alongside David, as well as his family and friends, to push along with his appeals in hopes of parole.

  11. Hi when I try to write him on jpay it sends me to Securus where I can’t write him, do you know how to write him with this problem. I have thousands of Twitter followers, and since I am a professor, some have worked in getting parole. Please help if you can. Thank you

  12. What is his inmate number since Jpay is super fastidious about this? Thank you

  13. I taught kids this age before getting suspended for helping homeless kids. Some of them would knock their shit off their desk and be like “pick that up for me bitch.” It was so often that I asked one why nearly all the cis boys were doing that. ATate videos. I tried to watch some so I could understand. I couldn’t even make it 5 minutes.

  14. I never heard of birth plans before joining American/international bump groups.

  15. I’m 39 and I got asked about a birth plan (had kids at 19 and 21) and my ex husband had to sign for me to get tied. I kind of regret getting tied now, but my birth plans went out the window when I had full eclampsia with the first and HELLP with the second. I had planned on no meds.

  16. Me personally, or a human in general, like on average? And are we thinking just the weight of the shirts, or the compression added by the increased tightness of each?

  17. This. Trinidad feels so sorry for himself. It's as if there was no victim but him in his mind. He also handed the gun to Phillips. He was involved. And all of this rather than being with the woman who gave birth to his child. I can't imagine Timothy's last moments, they must have been so full of fear... Trinidad is where he belongs.

  18. I was going to reply but you said it all. It seemed like he thought being focused on his “newborn son”’was to get sympshji

  19. I know it is mostly junk. It goes along with him making me study how many seconds how long someone looks at a website. It is a small part my director made me do because I study rhetoric is all. I don’t use it as the basis of my career, but I think it’s a tell because she is a liar anyway.

  20. Is there any good research on body language that you’ve come across? There are some really good true crime YouTube channels out there and my gripe with them is that they tend to place too much emphasis on body language. I’ve read that body language analysis is pretty much junk or pseudoscience and tend to agree with that.

  21. Absolutely junk science 🤷‍♀️ Things like eye contact, fidgeting ect bother me because I’m Autistic and ADHD. I don’t do eye contact and move a lot especially in general, but more so with people I don’t know or in an uncomfortable situation.

  22. It is a small part my director made me do because I study rhetoric is all. I don’t use it as the basis of my career, but I think it’s a tell because she is a liar anyway.

  23. I personally don’t want anyone interviewing Chris Watts or giving him a platform to talk about what he says happened that night. I don’t want to see him ask anyone for sympathy; I don’t want to see a reporter ask him why he did it. I feel like all of his answers have been given more coverage than they should have in the first place.

  24. I totally agree. No one should hear from, or see him ever again. Ever. I hope someone does like they did to Dahmer when he was in prison. What would he have to say that no one knows. “I hated my family and wanted a life with Nichol, where I have no kids.” Who puts their babies in an oil tank? Especially when one said “daddy no.”? Chris Watts is a narcissistic sociopath and I hope no one ever gives him a platform.

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