1. accidentally left my full can of monster in the oxygen compartment after changing cylinders, closed the door and drove off, it magically stayed upright and didn’t spill!

  2. do bridging courses through uni! take the time in between to familiarize yourself with the world of pre-hospital medicine. some people that create great content is:

  3. 2nd year here! i found for me, learning how the drug works and a little bit of the pharmacology involved really helped, get together with your mates and make up some wacky acronyms!

  4. something i got told during my paramed studies (aus paramed student*) was if you had to put someone in spinal precautions, we were to give SL ondansetron to act as a prophylaxis to nausea and vomiting, it’s also particular useful for eye injuries. (this is 100% not me telling you how you should do your job, i’m just sharing something i was told and learnt :))

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