1. katie learnt nothing. Ross showed her who he is on day one. She still kept jumping down his pants. (not to mention thats her boss?!). And if you ARE going to hook up with someone like that, then you better have the backbone to stand up for yourself and not let his antics impact you the way they do...also i still stand by the fact that alissa is an evil demon and it would have been smarter to let her go and keep camille

  2. okay, so for various reasons (hi if youve seen my comments around here); i have recently discovered that there is a sociopath and a narcissist in my family that enable each other. I have been going in depth with this [on my end with my therapist] to work through my own issues at home. But, i see alot of patterns repeating between K and R. I think Kody has narc issues and R is definitely a sociopath. So..

  3. i wouldn't know tbh. In my family, they're both as bad as each other. Its a lie that any is less worse or better. They know what they're doing...eventually, once the rest of their circle (victims) are gone - they're gunna turn on each other

  4. Even when we first learned about that stinky pinky it was because she told everyone at the tell all. Mohammed, unfairly gets all the blame, but he was so embarrassed and wanted nothing to do with that conversation. She was the one saying “he won’t secks me tonight cuz it smells down there.” Meanwhile Mohammed is like, well, duh, who would? 😂

  5. And this woman is an LPN who just got accepted into an RN program. I’m sorry but she can’t even take care of her own vaginal health…

  6. seriously o_0 (this must be a wholly american thing, to my knowledge if you are looking to become a nurse in canada its about 8 years of school here...)

  7. Pizza is definitely not 10. Coffee is literally only 2$ at 7-11. What adult plays with toys from the Dollarstore? Playing PC games is not free, you have to buy the game. Where are you getting icecream for 3$? Canvas + paint is expensive.

  8. im doing this, simply to prove a point. i will not be responding beyond this because you're being dumb for the sake of it

  9. I agree with deadpan. But thats the thing. I think you like being around people, and don’t need much. You just enjoy company! I’m the same. For most people, that’s not worth going out’s sad

  10. most people want to go out and take pictures and post it on insta. They dont actually care about spending time with people. Theres so much you can do with your friends, and you dont even have to leave your home for it.

  11. same, 33 and having a hard time keeping up. starting to lose words, some skills and the its getting harder and harder to keep up with the mask. wish i could win the lottery and retire in a hobbit hole forever so i dont have to pretend to be something im not

  12. I dont know about the rest of the line, but i have the CT foundation. Personally, I do not like it.

  13. Which ct foundation are you referring to? Beautiful skin or airbrush?

  14. i feel the same way as you and i realized once i got older that the party scene wasnt an interest of mine at all. A few reasons for this :

  15. anyway so we're NOT gunna vote NDP because theyre just as bad as libs and so the only option left is to vote for Dougie or not vote at all.

  16. adding to this. Ive lost out on quite a few opportunities in 2022 because 'even though you're a fantastic candidate and really present yourself very well, we're going to go in another direction.'

  17. People are not morons, people have been conditioned to ask for what they're told to ask for.

  18. i understand the logistics of it and the psychological element that comes into play (because an employer/employee relationship is inherently an abusive one). So it takes alot to break out of those cycles. Anecdotal, but it took me 10 years to go from 28k a year to my salary now. It was immense work and educating myself that lead to a point where i can confidently demand a 6 figure salary.

  19. Wow. Yeah - I am female. I can definitely say gold doesn’t give women hormones. That is bizarre. Sorry you are having a bad day, and sorry you are around people that say things that are so ridiculous. So now you know - the same people saying gold gives women hormones are saying your hair is weird. They are wrong about both and each is just as dumb. Hope you manage to get away from them and into a healthier environment soon!

  20. i have a whole bag of female hormones that ive been carrying around for months, so i personally dont know what you're talking about

  21. Did you get those hormones from gold? If so, I’ve been doing it all wrong my whole life. Making them naturally in my body and stuff. My friend is trans, and I’ll let her know she doesn’t need to go to the doctor for hormone shots anymore. She can just carry around some gold! Who knew? 🤷🏽‍♀️ /also s

  22. you can liquify the gold and just inject her with it /more s

  23. I get you. When you realize no one is coming to save you, that’s a moment. You can go crazy if you don’t hold to your truth.

  24. additionally, i think there are some factors here that might be at play

  25. she has the worst temperament and say what you will about Faye, she's not the problem in this dynamic. She's very clear when she communicates with Jess and simply asks questions about her job and this woman has an entire temper tantrum about it.

  26. I still remember that! Was it so hard to say, "Yes, I'm ready. You can go get the orders now" or "No, not yet, but give me a couple minutes"?

  27. she's immature and has 0 communication skills. Im glad Kerry stepped in and called her out because she needed that

  28. so i've gotten really good at makeup as it was a spin of mine for a while (AuDhd here). Heres a super simple easy routine that works on literally everyone (and is sensory friendly):

  29. yes, all the time actually. As a response, i got very used to sleeping in the nude. If there are nights where my clothes wake me up, i take em off and throw em to the side of the bed. then im back to sleep. nakeeey

  30. I always sleep nakey because of this. I have fallen asleep by accident in clothes before and disrobed myself without waking up. Especially socks!! If my feet are too hot the whole of my body overheats.

  31. omg i can NEVER sleep in socks (usually i wear big loose shirts to bed, but sometimes they tangle up around my body/in the sheets and i always end up waking up from that). Also, if im not wearing big granny undies to bed - 9/10 im taking them off and throwing them on the floor halfway through the night

  32. gunna add another voice to this. same. My dating life completely shifted the second i stopped tolerating nonsense. It does not mean you demand affection, respect, kindness, presents or romance.

  33. I took all the quizzes on embrace autism and put my results into an excel document with reference ranges and color coding for abnormal values. I did giggle a little at myself as I did it because self awareness.

  34. the fact that i have been planning to do this and have it confirmed in my calendar and everything :P

  35. omg i have had so many of these my entire life; (people post yours) heres one from me :

  36. I mean, we're literally famous for two things; poutine and maple candy


  38. theres tons of these cases all over youtube with girls coming out and talking about 'escaping' pakistan. If she ends up there, she will have to escape (best case) or she will likely end up dead (worst case).

  39. You mean the subreddit where gender essentialists and TERF's get upvoted to 2 or 3 digit numbers? Where it's common for cis people to define trans people's experiences by their assigned gender at birth? Where a trans person can't talk about their experiences without some person gleefully misgendering them in the comments or questioning their trans experiences as real or valid?

  40. same, ive never seen TERF rhetoric on AIW and the sub is pretty good at self modding - so if stuff like this happens - quite a few of us jump on board immediately to stop it in its tracks. AIW is a lot of things (including ableist and privileged) but i have never seen anything akin to the above on there and rarely any clout for the same

  41. I don't think you can really call that modding because nobody gets banned, comments don't get removed. Admins rarely ban people unless they use slurs or blatantly harass someone. I could DM you a username right now who gleefully and cruelly misgenders people in AIW every chance she gets. She got temporarily suspended by admins for being cruel, but then just bragged about it when she came back and seemed even more inspired to be cruel.

  42. while i cant by any means understand your personal experience, i do understand ableism/privilege and barriers.

  43. Lol on fixing her. You are totally right about your thoughts though. She could even stay blondish- my stylist blends some Carmel highlights over my natural brown that lighten my face up without making me look over processed- there are ways to try to age gracefully without going too far.

  44. exactly! (and thats what i always tell my mom as well, there is no need for you to look young - age gracefully!) it goes a long way imho

  45. im so glad you're leaving! It's important to honour yourself, your well being and your mental health. Most employers think they're gods that have changed the planet, cured cancer and single handedly eradicated aids. These are egomaniacs with zero concept of reality. I've dealt with quite a few people like this in my lifetime. They dont think of you as a person, you are expendable. (and also your employer has no idea how to run a business).

  46. Oh my god, I’m so sorry you had to deal with that! Super 100000% not okay! I’m so happy to hear you got out of that position. It definitely feels scary to quit a job but we all know its worth it when you are not being respected. Why are shady people allowed to run a business?

  47. because capitalism is a hell monster that makes sure the crazies stay on top and the rest of us keep running on a hamster wheel. Its so pathetic..we could be out here changing the planet everyday, but we're running to of all things...

  48. Just draw. Every day, doesn't matter if it's for 10 minutes or 10 hours. Do as much as you can. Watch videos of artists you really admire and try to do studies based off what they do. It'll help yourself get better. Then make a compiling of your best art 10-15 items is enough to start out with. It can be drawing, pottery, photography. But try to show off your best work, and NEVER put in your worst. It'll only bring down your portfolio. If you do decide this for you, be prepared for a million no's. It will require some effort to find the right place. Sometimes it's cause they've already accepted a new apprentice, or it's because they're no longer taking them on.

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