Russia defaults today (26.06.22)

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  1. Oh what’s hard about the curing? (I honestly have no idea)

  2. I remember all the levels and types of defaults, so many default variations!

  3. Also, this news is not a surprise event that will shake the market. Everyone saw this coming from miles away. Not only that, it was planned. They refused to take payments in ruble. So in effect, the default wasn’t a pure failure to pay but a refusal to take payment.

  4. They'll use the jedi mind trick. Waive their hand and say, there is no margin.

  5. $9.7B worth of collateral needed? Waived.

  6. The only way MAGA is achieved is for the rhetoric to die off. The people wanting MAGA are the reason MAGA can't be achieved.

  7. I think the implication of making America great “again” is a callback to a past time when America was perceived as great and those things that made it “great” for republicans is how colored people were excluded, whites were in power, and Christianity was a more dominant force.

  8. If that's so, you should buy some shares in AMC, Aron!

  9. That $1B went straight to Paramount.

  10. All of that is probably true. If so, AMC’s main business is selling popcorn and drinks and they also show movies as a sideline.

  11. That is their chief source of revenue. Showing the film is simply a means to attract customers to sell the concessions. The ticket sales are primarily for the studios.

  12. The most “humble down to earth” pope sits on a chair literally made of gold in a building literally covered in gold.

  13. The Catholic Church is the last vestige of the corrupt and decadent Roman Empire. They have nothing to do with the teachings of Jesus.

  14. They’re an institution that syphons money from ordinary people and try to influence policy and control people. And they have a long history of murder.

  15. and you love musical theater now. As well as penis.

  16. Oh no I leveraged my Evergrande bonds into Russian bond swaps!

  17. Don’t need to, MOASS is tomorrow.

  18. Get ready for the No boom gif post

  19. Volume seems low. Everything must be trading in dark pools right now

  20. The US has many tools. The granting of H1b visas is one. The tech relationship between India and the US tech sector is another.

  21. And we can start giving scam call centers fake credit card numbers from now on

  22. If so then India forfeits the right to bitch and whine about being subjected to the British imperialist occupation forever since now they’re helping exactly that sort of thing happen in Ukraine by buying Russian oil and maybe stolen wheat.

  23. This depends on your DNA. EG I found out South Asians have more diabetes bc they have genetically lower ability to add more fat cells. So once the ones they have are full, enter diabetes.

  24. Is that right? Is there a maximum size or capacity for a single fat cell to contain fat? And if more cells can’t be produced to store the fat being made by the body, what happens to that fat traveling in the bloodstream if there’s no more storage capacity within the body to absorb it into adipose tissue?

  25. That’s my understanding from my reading. (a) cells have a maximum size (fat they can absorb) and )b) genetics determine how many NEW cells you can make, and where. Metabolic dysfunction ensues when your fat cells are full and you can’t make more.

  26. That’s fascinating. So obesity can sort of delay or buffer the eventual outcome of diabetes as the body becomes just overwhelmed with fat. if you can’t stockpile fat by producing new fat cells, that diabetes will hit you much sooner.

  27. Seriously, how are bolt ons still a thing.

  28. Bad taste is still a thing so…

  29. It’s in line with any startup business - small businesses and restaurants fail at similar or higher rates.

  30. When you coat a screen, depending on the mesh count you almost want to hear the screen scream as you coat, lol

  31. Yes a nice zipping sound. If you don’t hear it, you’re not putting sufficient pressure and that leads to overflow and excessive and inconsistent thickness.

  32. There is a sharp side and a dull side on a coater, always use the sharp side. Looks like way to much emulsion on one, and not enough on the other. And always lay flat with shirt side down.

  33. The sharp side is best side. Never had an issue that way

  34. That's it, aircraft, sneaky mobile squads - can't see 'em 'till ya can smell 'em, etc.

  35. Still valid. Intelligence can adapt to see solutions if you have sufficient understanding of the principles.

  36. That depends if Russia has counter artillery capability over that range. But you can bet the HIMARS are going to be priority targets for Russian aircraft.

  37. If you take out the nearest enemy artillery placements first, you cut off the Russian capabilities from counterattacking promptly and you get more time to release more ordinance to other targets. So the game here is being able to reload and shoot longer in one spot if you have targeting solutions ready.

  38. I imagine that she is also complaining about being lied to by Trump as well. I feel that you may have misread my post. Collins is a shill and Republican stooge.

  39. Yeah I’m agreeing. There’s no fucking way she didn’t know. She’s trying to play the “I was too stupid to be culpable of anything evil”.

  40. Yes, I agree with that. Political inculpability. Too bad Gideon lost to her. We are stuck with this "concerned" Republican "moderate": for another few years.

  41. She’ll vote in the next bad law and make a similar statement that will sound extremely naive like “I do not believe that repealing search and seizure laws would lead to any sort of abuse or power by law enforcement” while knowing full well what she’s doing.

  42. I think tanks are only only truly good for storming an area after their artillery and airforce are decimated, its basically an anti infantry weapon for holding a position, not much good for anything else.

  43. Tanks are becoming more vulnerable due to the advances in antitank missiles that a single troop can carry and fire on the battlefield.

  44. Total war is a difficult thing. It took several years for the Allies to gain enough materials to go after axis powers. Years.

  45. The US Sherman tank didn’t even exist at the beginning of WW2. It started production in 1942. At least today there’s an existing supply of tanks in the west that can potentially be deployed if all parties believe the need arises. I am sure they would send them if that became a priority item. Right now it seems like artillery is the priority.

  46. Can be used as a garrote or a tourniquet, depending on your requirements.

  47. As a man of culture should

  48. It was still a inverse Cramer call because he got the stock way before RC and the management team was shit

  49. Just because you’re still moving doesn’t mean you’re in good shape

  50. what you can't see in these videos is the shrapnel from the explosion. same with debris that gets kicked up (twigs, stones, sand, ...). this stuff doesn't necessarily kill people on the spot, but it can still lead to really bad injuries that hurt a lot, get easily infected, and take a long time to heal.

  51. That doesn’t sound like a good time

  52. That’s the funny thing about this war. In many ways Russia had far more leverage before February 24th because they could always threaten to invade. It was the single biggest credible threat Russia could make but now that they’ve gone for it they’ve lost their biggest negotiating piece.

  53. Oh no negative consequences! Ukrainians: “Russian warship go fuck yourself!”

  54. Tomorrow they will say it’s not significant and special operation is going as planned.

  55. “We wanted them to blow up our tanks. Hah! They fell right into our trap as planned!”

  56. Maybe, but you compress the number of Afghan losses into just a couple of months and you get a different kind of shock. There are so many they are going to have a hard time keeping it quiet.

  57. This is it. Afghanistan forces never dealt the level of casualties in a month that the Ukrainians do in a day. The intensity of the war in Ukraine is so much higher that the impact of Russian casualties will hit much harder.

  58. Actually, they seem to prefer it over happiness.

  59. With one caveat: as long as the vodka keeps flowing then they’ll just chill in misery. If the vodka stops, they will revolt

  60. I like where that’s going.

  61. Sure. I brought my own… cream

  62. Let’s see… this will galvanize women and certainly all reasoned men who believe in a just society to understand how important it is to become actively involved in steering the democracy away from fascism…. Yeah I’ll say the blowback from this will be swift and hard.

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