1. You can make a pyromancer in Elden Ring too and you can grab most of the stuff for it pretty early without fighting any bosses

  2. If that host ever summons you again , wait for host to start boss fight

  3. i mean if it's malenia you could also let her hit you so she heals any damage the host does

  4. Nah , boss gets more health if you are in the world when they enter boss room

  5. Yeah make your new build before starting NG+

  6. Well you can run after them and chase them down whilst avoiding all the spamming

  7. I don't think you need two of them , just one "the greatsword"

  8. Elden beast is also very easy with that weapon. Just spam the ash of war

  9. Just remember if you die though you won't be able to go pick up your runes

  10. If your build is finished and you arnt planning on leveling up then it doesn’t really matter.

  11. Should have lured you down to the Royal Revenant instead

  12. Haligtree is an optional area but it's a good place to be

  13. Black Knife assassin was good fun when I done. That black knife makes a mess out of pretty much all the bosses

  14. Disagree strongly , she is the hardest boss in any of the souls games

  15. We kill her first phase and second phase she is reborn as the goddess of rot

  16. Sleep pots and bleed weapons is best strategy

  17. Why does none mention mimic tear in these questions? Is it shunned by the community or maybe helpful only in specific builds ?

  18. It's probably best to not use it in the godskin fight

  19. Gravity accounts for 14% of all player deaths

  20. Did you win ? You have got Renalla to help ..

  21. Yes, phantom died after a lag fight (all the hits I got on him suddenly landed all at once) and the host got sniped by Rennala.

  22. Nice. I got summoned into Radagons boss room once. Could not see Radagon either , and I also won that invasion

  23. I'm going for a fire giant crusher build with Royal knight resolve

  24. Yeah I will be looking for new weapons / spells too

  25. So this weekend I found out that if you go get the secret medallion off Albus then go and complete the game up until killing Gideon whilst never going back to the roundtable hold - you will not get invaded by Ensha

  26. If you are staying at RL70 and invading then don't split your stats

  27. If you are doing PvP at RL70 then just level up one stat , you are speading your stats too thinly

  28. completely agree with OP. Wish more of you to voice out so that FS wont make these kind of unfair challenges again. I also hope they will nerf some end game enemies and bosses.

  29. Unfair challenges ? What's unfair abut the last bosses ?

  30. I just found it very annoying to fight. Having to chase it all over the arena like a chicken with its head cut off was draining but not in the fun way.

  31. You can counter all it's moves and not run about at all really , just need to practice a bit more. I've probably killed it 50 times now right enough

  32. You can sort of tell when she is going to do it and you have about 0.25 seconds to react

  33. So when you beat her 2nd phase she fid do waterfowl dance and that move with the ghosts?

  34. Yeah I can dodge second phase waterfowl , even at short range now

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