1. Thanks for finding this and yes it is the same dog! Great to see a short little documentary about them!

  2. Zoo by me has the same thing. It’s amazing seeing how much the 2 love eachother. The dog got taken out for something and the cheetah stared at the gate for so long and laid next to it. So sad. It was so excited when the dog was back

  3. Would that zoo happen to be Turtleback? Because that's where I took this one.

  4. Theoretically, if those remora started wagging their tails, could it provide any type of speed boost?

  5. This is the comment I was looking for. We need science on this!

  6. When my son was around 14 months old. I was in his room rocking him to sleep when he waves at the corner of the room and says "bye bye".

  7. My husband gave my son three ice creams while I worked late. Guess who had a sugar meltdown and now will not sleep

  8. I mean in that case it's 100% on Daddy to put him down. I'd be happily sitting in the living room ignoring the screaming and crying coming from my son's room and watching my shows if my wife did that while I was out, haha.

  9. Was staring at it thinking "WTF is that giant yellow slide?"... Then realized it was the Erdtree....

  10. "Forefathers One And All! Bear Witness! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

  11. Upvoted because I believe OP grinded out 26 USP just for the joke and I love it! 😂

  12. It can get better it’s just that… it won’t haha. The chances are insane

  13. Haha 100%. My gemstone % was low but everything else was a decent high roll.

  14. How did you build up so many silver boxes + the bonuses. Is the village the secret!? Either way good job!!!

  15. Stack silver boxes by just logging in every 30 min or more to collect the boxes then immediately log out.

  16. A very common thing in this sub. Basically what it comes down to is that it's just a phase. For some it is only for a month, some its more like a year.

  17. I can't find any resources on this, do I keep trying to do all the things that maker her upset, or do I just let Mom take over to keep her happy until the phase is over? It's to the point now where I feel like I'm being selfish making her have to endure me taking care of her.

  18. That all comes down to a discussion with your wife on how you want to parent.

  19. Strong possibility: she's discovered that she can make everything go dark! Such an exciting discovery needs a lot of repetition, because tiny scientists like to confirm their findings.

  20. I agree. When our son was around that age he started covering his ears a lot. Which we clearly over reacted and immediately thought "oh gosh a sign of autism!".

  21. My son turned 2 in June. Lately he has been obsessed with the lights... "Lights on!" "Lights off!", doesn't matter what time of day it is and will sometimes have a mini meltdown if we don't do as he says (which we let happen sometimes).

  22. that is helpful! i kind of thought maybe it was just a pushing boundaries thing too. like maybe at night time he’s just thinking of ways to stall being left alone. i just didn’t want to ignore it if there was a legitimate fear and a way to help him. oh the mysteries of the toddler mind! lol

  23. Luckily we have yet to have him request "light on" during bedtime... 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞

  24. I'm not sure if you have one of these or something similar like an indoor playground near you but we just had our 2 YO birthday party here:

  25. Thanks for the suggestion! Lol at first glance I thought that was “cat chair party” and was like 🤔. It looks amazing and I did find some indoor playgrounds near us so that is a great option.

  26. You need wander's to get to collateral, its an insane boost to soul gains. You can either UA at 72 USP (after all astrals cheaper than 2T), or UA at 82 USP (after chest in a chest). Going for Chest in a Chest will take about 1-2 months after getting

  27. So Ancient Treasures really won't be a big enough helper to UA early to get it's benefits, got it.

  28. Be prepared for your kid to be not ok on their own (with flotation devices). Like, she may want to be clinging to Mommy or Daddy the entire time.

  29. You get more by cracking open Dragon Eggs. You get Dragon Eggs by completing daily quests, which you will unlock by crafting the Diary for 50sp coins and some materials in the crafting menu.

  30. Ok and how do I get the crafting menu? Do I have to spend souls?

  31. I believe that opens up when you purchase the bag Ascension upgrade for 10k souls. (Might be wrong with the soul amount)

  32. Go on a day trip without having to constantly worry about when they will nap…if they’ll nap…where they’re going to nap…how long they’ll nap…if we’re going to be home for bedtime routine…generally the concept of a “day trip” just isn’t appealing anymore.

  33. The Disney Short - "Lava" is amazing. It's super short but a really great video:

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