1. Yup beat Arlo and was like wtf? Found a grunt after and it completed.

  2. Normal price for 3 packs at the Landing is $88 now. This weekend is 25% off so it’s $66. Not bad

  3. The Landing Dispensary. The sister store of Firelands in Huron. Closest dispensary to Tremont on W. 3rd. Good deals all the time.

  4. Nice I wish I could pull a rainbow. Pulled 2 alt arts but haven’t gotten one yet. Nice page

  5. I use them to mark Dragon Type Pokémon that I am missing from my set. Haven’t really found another use for them yet

  6. How much is the mewtwo worth. I just pulled one out of the mewtwo elite trainer box

  7. Unfortunately not a whole lot. Maybe $6 according to TCG. The Zard is probably around $25 raw. I’m just a collector though so I was excited to get a nice double banger pack

  8. Pulled both in the same pack from an Aloan Exeggutor Box I got from Amazon.

  9. Pulled both from the same pack. Got this in an Aloan Exeggutor box from Amazon.

  10. I got a half ounce of Firelands Salty Watermelon 27% for $70 one time at their dispensary

  11. I pulled the same card over the weekend and my centering was worse than that but similar. Check my latest posts. Super stoked to pull it but I get what you mean with the centering. How did you pull yours? Mine was in an Infernape V box from GameStop

  12. What did you use to adhere it all together?? Asking for a friend ..

  13. Literally just my kids glue stick. Super simple.

  14. There are 2 actually. Just gotta use what I have, still happy with it

  15. 43 dollars for less than a g each still doesn’t sound like an awesome deal 😞

  16. I guess but with these at $51 a piece normally I’ll take the savings where I can get it.

  17. Plus I got these at $32 a piece with discount

  18. Glad I pulled this card yesterday. Keep going up baby!

  19. Agreed. Im just an amateur collector so I’m just excited to have a banger in my collection.

  20. Where did you purchase? Trying to find some

  21. Columbia Care. I was talking to one of the employees and they said they hadn’t had a Galenas drop for awhile. So they were expecting one soon. But unfortunately with Columbia Care they seem pretty hit or miss as to when/if they restock certain strains. If you ever see Lembas Dough in stock definitely give it a try it’s better than Electric Peanut butter Cookie and Second Breakfast from Galenas. IMO 😜

  22. Weirdly enough had some Lembas Dough last night and it had very nice effects. Astral is my favorite by them but my dispensary hasn’t had it unfortunately. Stay lifted friend

  23. Really enjoyed the luster of this. Might snag some tomorrow when I go

  24. Love me some motorcake. Got an 11.32 g smalls jar I’m working through. Definitely one in my normal rotation

  25. I had one of these and just thought it was ok. I personally would of rather of just had a luster pod honestly. The .35 only lasted me a day pretty much. Wouldn’t buy again but glad you’re enjoying

  26. I saw them drop to $50 at Rise in Lakewood. Bought a SLH and it wasn’t as good as I’d remember but good to see the prices go down

  27. I had a tenth a few months back the effects weren’t the best imo and I buy tons of Firelands flower. I usually stick to Firelands main hitters like Salty Watermelon, Sour Papaya, Tally Mon, Motor Cake and Northern Lights. I also found their Orange Kush cake to be excellent too

  28. I feel like this one was more Lemon Mint than Lemon Tart. Enjoyed the effects on this one. Would buy again

  29. Their newsletter said this strain used to be called Dark and Stormy (Mai Tai x Devil’s Driver)

  30. Oh good call, I'd bet you're right. That's actually a really interesting cross. Lotta fruity exotics mixed in those genetics.

  31. Flavor wasn’t memorable tbh. My favs from them are Sour Papaya and Orange Kush Cake

  32. OKC is delicious and produces tons of vapor. I am a fan.

  33. I’ve gotten lucky to snag two halves of it over the last couple of months for 70$ each time. I find a ton of good deals driving out to Huron from Cleveland

  34. My fav in the program. Where did you pick this up?

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