1. If Mos Eisley had a gay bar, she'd be performing there.

  2. I can't believe anything he says about himself but shading Tracey on social media, now I know he's not lying about being gay.

  3. "Now you're going to watch while Spice whips her head for twelve minutes straight while doing a Goofy laugh."

  4. I think we've passed the point where any queer media should be supported just because it's queer representation. I remember watching bad gay movies in the 90s and early 2000s because we had so little back then. I probably would have watched this show if it was on 25 years ago, and defended it too. But it's just bad, and there's no point pretending it's good either as a TV show or as an example of queer representation in 2023.

  5. Ru would forget the name of the twin she eliminated, so it would cancel out

  6. I'm just trying to remember, does Ru ever call a queen by their name? I think she just looks in their direction and talks and they respond because it's Ru-mothertuckin-Paul.

  7. She does say their names but only when looking directly at them. I don't think she says most of their names in walkthroughs though. Wouldn't be surprised if she had someone in her ear telling her the names for the catwalk

  8. Yeh for the catwalk she seems to know their names. I reckon she keeps a cheat sheet in her sweatpants pocket.

  9. Wait til they see what happens in the sky after it's been raining and the sun shines.

  10. According to google, Sugar is 5'7, Spice 5'6, and Sasha is 5'7. It could be about posture and heels.

  11. I think Anetra? She's 5'10, which is only average height, but appears tall next to the other queens.

  12. They should know better than to start with someone whose Snatch Game choice angered God so much He turned the lights out.

  13. And the latest episode of drag race got 6.0, which shows how much MTV's edits are making DR bad just to push The Real Friends on us.

  14. I think the suits at MTV think "poor people want to look at wealthy people and all their nice stuff", and so they think the Real Friends of WeHo is a great idea. But I want to hear about the queens of Drag Race, who are mainly from working class and lower-middle class families, that have made a success of their lives through their art, and are now being brought into the mainstream through this show, with the potential to rise even further, depending on how good their art is. That's the sort of story I want to hear about.

  15. “Killings of environmental activists by the state are depressingly common in other countries, like Brazil, Honduras, Nigeria,” said Woodhouse. “But this has never happened in the US.”

  16. I nominate Marcia Marcia Marcia for bursting naked from a leather couch DeVito. Or Anetra. No, both at the same time, let's not mess around.

  17. I really expected her to go further. I loved her style and her sense of humour right from the beginning. I hope she'll be back for All Stars.

  18. ''The FTC, in its Manhattan federal court filing, noted that Shkreli in July announced the formation of a new company, Druglike, “that appears to be involved in the drug industry.”

  19. He learnt how to for that picture on the right though - we love a makeup evolution!

  20. Every time I see a story about twitter these days it brings a smile to my face.

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