1. Integrity among journalists is dying.

  2. Why should Canada have to accept asylum seekers from the US?

  3. I slept in my car literally right next to that. I picked a bad spot.

  4. The Canadian dollar is flat, which tends to suggest that the forex market saw this coming.

  5. One of the fun parts about this is just how few fucks the rest of the world gives about the Swiss when shit goes wrong.

  6. We have more people than California again hell yeah. We are also apparently passing 40 million on July 3rd. I’m gonna host a 40 million Canadians party

  7. When I say "Mexican people", and someone corrects me because they think I should have said "Mexican bodied people" - that's not liberal, but it is woke.

  8. This is around US$12.25 plenty of places in the US have higher minimum wages.

  9. Thirteen states have a minimum wage above $12.25.

  10. Curious to see what proportion of the US population is in each of those groups. As well as how many localities within those states have a minimum wage higher than the state level.

  11. https://minimumwage.com/in-your-state/

  12. There are literally people out there that see a National Post opinion piece shitting on Trudeau and think, my life would be better if I invested my time and energy into reading that.

  13. If National Newswatch is saying it, it must be true.

  14. Interesting. I wonder what made them decide to procure all those ventilators...

  15. I have some insight into the whole business of hiring Ukrainians since the war started - long story short, they have a reputation for being excellent employees.

  16. It's also a good time to go after dark because of the light exhibition in the east end in Trillium Park. It runs until May 7.

  17. Oh shit, thanks. I didn't know about that.

  18. Try it in the dark. Some of the best views in the city. On a clear day you can see the US border.

  19. The meh-ing in this thread is just so perfectly Toronto

  20. It's not Toronto, it's reddit.

  21. Georgism is so curious to me because the advantages are so obvious and most economists support it but almost no countries implement it.

  22. It's too complex and abstract for the average voter to understand, which makes it a political loser.

  23. But what about all the people who want to live in a house that's within a five minute walk of a subway station?

  24. Honestly, it's still another almost 10km to Bloor, which is where the surrounding density really picks up. Anywhere north of Bloor is looks pretty much like this, sadly.

  25. There are roughly as many tower cranes operating in Toronto right now as there are in every major American city combined.

  26. Dude walks up to a random person in the street, and shoots them in the head at point blank range.

  27. This is why the pending Ukrainian counteroffensive (and possible offensives afterwards) is key to changing the peace talk rhetoric from the Chinese-Russian side. Sure the Russians impaled like 60k people on Ukrainian positions for the past two months, but there’s no indication that Russia’s current holds are unsustainable. Russia’s military is not close to any sort of collapse and the territory they hold is contiguous and sizable. If we want to get to a position where Xi tells Putin to cut his losses and pull out of much if not most or even all of the occupied territories, Ukraine has to make the Russian position unsustainable. The next few months or so will probably determine whether they can do that or not

  28. I think commitments like a million shells in 2023 from the EU accompanied by scaling up production, and Abrams from the US by the end of the year, are really important. Russia wants to believe they can wait NATO out, but NATO is already promising support into next winter and beyond.

  29. I for one am offended by his suggestion that zoning for density won’t solve 100% of Americas problems

  30. It's pretty amazing how so many people here fetishize big city downtown living, but apparently have no idea what it's actually like.

  31. Pretty crazy to see an economically literate comment this high up.

  32. We can afford universal healthcare, but not universal Gucci.

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