1. A petition to get her off the show for abuse would be a good idea. Although we tried with Ed but TLC doesn’t give a crap. TLC must be negligent in my eyes. Just absolutely horrendous abuse and toxicity pouring out of her. She is someone who will never change and won’t seek help. Just find another one to abuse. I feel sorry for her grandchildren who have been watching this crap from MeMa for years! Forever damaged, which includes her chain smoking in the house and car with children.

  2. Yeah aside from that minor detail the episode was incredibly written and directed.

  3. Creep shot yikes give the man some damn privacy we would've believed you

  4. Or ask if its him and ask for a photo is fine too. He might say no but he’d still prefer that to a creep shot I’m sure.

  5. Gun owners are always scared, like piss pants scared which why they need guns.

  6. I’d just prefer to call him “the shooter” instead of the owner. Describes what he did a bit more accurately. He’s already trying to obfuscate and shift blame with his “the gun went off” line. Tomorrow his lawyer will be saying “my wife’s gun accidentally discharged”, a week later they’ll be saying “there was a gun-related accident”, then it's "there was an accident". One should always stick to the facts when describing people like this.

  7. This is why we need DNA testing on every sing one of the bodies that were discovered last year at every mass grave site!

  8. INFO is this the last time your husband will ever see your brother? Because it’s the last time your husband will ever see his friend.

  9. So I'm confused, is it anti-authoritarian to NOT wear a mask or TO wear a mask? I lost count on my conspiracy theories

  10. As soon as gubermint tells you it’s ok to take em off, thats when you strap em on. Simple as that.

  11. Congratulations. I’ll congratulate you in person in 5,000 years when the CCP stops forcing you to hide under your bed every time someone sneezes.

  12. i want a tat like this please, i am not ginger i am normal btw.

  13. There could be smaller games with less players, we don’t know if this year was an outlier

  14. How do you spend all that money on surgery then get Jim Carrey's Dumb and Dumber haircut?

  15. You answered it yourself. He spent his last dollar at the surgeons’ and has been reduced to bowl cuts from mom above the sink at home.

  16. I resent that. Wrestling isn’t fake, it’s staged.

  17. He said that I'm "prone to crying" and that I get emotional and cry over every little thing which isn't "his fault" basically calling me a drama queen. I do tend to overreact sometimes but I genuinly was worried about losing the ring. His family would have given me hell that's for sure.

  18. Two hours is no longer in pranking territory.

  19. Isn't a large portion of the US banning all abortions which will effectively murder some women due to inability to receive life saving treatment?

  20. Yep, just another day in Biden’s America. Sad to see it

  21. It was the Trump appointees on the Supreme Court that made the decision

  22. So technically we can blame Russia. Perfect

  23. Most people’s rock bottom would be the series of events leading up to going to rehab in the first place.

  24. Rock bottom is when you stop digging. It’s a different place for everyone. Bam’s still shoveling.

  25. Probably couldnt afford to just buy one and had to try and win it

  26. Wonder why he couldn’t afford a gift. I wonder if there’s some other thing he keeps spending money on.

  27. cus he just had his ass beat by loan sharks and got robbed

  28. Uh huh. What was the loan for? A house, or a car? A gift for his daughter?

  29. Plus they've found a new grift. Overpaying the transportation companies involved in exchange for kickbacks.

  30. I see it as an absolute win. Get those poor souls out of Texas

  31. You need to ask Xi Jinping that question. They are his words.

  32. Do you genuinely believe he takes questions from the public? If so, you are far more lost than I anticipated.

  33. Redditors here would be fully aware that your comment was simply an attempted insult, and a pretty pathetic one at that.

  34. You’re talking to a redditor. Everything that isn’t a phone looks like a fully semiautomatic AR-47 with high-capacity lead-tipped bumper stock bullets in this context.

  35. And he said WAS from Tehran which leaves an insinuation she may be on the sixth or possibly further. Lol.

  36. Is there a sub for this? People doing shit obviously for attention but everyone just keeps on?

  37. Smoking and drinking are things people do and have done for centuries. If you want to pretend talking about that is the same as talking about newly emerging viruses you're an unserious person. Does China have to stop ALL DEATH before you believe they are interested in public health? Again, this is not a standard we apply in the West to our own societies. So why are you making this point?

  38. Well, when I mentioned the astronomical survival rate of Covid, you justified it by saying “There are still bodies to count!” The hurdle you set up to justify a taxpayer-funded temper tantrum is that “there are bodies”. I’m just pointing out there are other ways to die that the CCP seems to have been completely blasé about for 70 years. It strikes me as odd that they’re suddenly so concerned with public health (and only in regards to one virus) and yet trying to fix the problem in backwards, disproven ways.

  39. Im thinking the former homie Sam from palm city south San Diego — ? Dude was pinned under a train lost his legs and his right hand lol and then was shot a few months after the incident and he still roams the streets of south San Diego dude is indestructible but most meth heads are haha you can find him by Armando’s taco shop on palm ave and Hollister - he is on meth and ready to throw down hah

  40. OP replied but it wasn’t as entertaining as this. Your reply is now the official South Side Diego origin story, congratulations!

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