1. Pairing King of Kings with Antichrist would be a bigger contrast.

  2. There wasn’t a sign or anything on establishments, more in the reviews of hotels and bars… we’re staying at the Grand Vista, and in the reviews on yelp, it’s mentioned a couple of times that locals aren’t allowed to stay at the hotel. My husband saw the same thing in other online reviews for other hotels, bars and restaurants.. I’ll have to ask him if he can remember where specifically.. I also heard 3 people in the lobby of the hotel talking about it when we were unloading our stuff

  3. The Grand Vista is the first place I saw a sign like that. I imagine it’s a common policy for the hotels along Horizon Drive, though I’d be surprised if ALL the hotels in town have the same policy.

  4. The Last Emporer! Shame the special features aren't nearly as exhaustive as the Criterion edition...

  5. I imagine a Criterion 4K will be coming next year.

  6. GOTTA watch Pieces of April for Thanksgiving!! Scrolled down to find this.

  7. Yep, was looking for this before I suggested it. Lovely little film.

  8. I watch “Planes, Trains & Automobiles” every Thanksgiving Eve. I’ve been doing it for years now and always look forward to it.

  9. I mean, this is the right answer, right?

  10. The C1 was heavily marked down today for black Friday. The 65 was down to 1200 (from 1650)

  11. No worries; I got a similar price from Best Buy. Thanks.

  12. Does the original Salo still go for a lot? I once saw one in the wild (before the re-release, when it was almost mythical) for $300. It hadn’t occurred to me that they might still be valuable.

  13. Whenever I’ve run into an error like this, it seems like it’s been a matter of my drive not liking that edition: the disc of clean, and getting a copy from the library has the same problem. Borrowing a different drive from a friend usually silt the issue. I’ve also had success using AnyDVD, but I don’t care for the UI, I’ve used up my five free trials (I had several problem discs in my Breaking Bad box), and I’m not going to pay $200 for the license.

  14. I never get tired of this game. Before this sub, I thought I was the only one.

  15. If you’re a big spender, the Criterion flash sales are better

  16. I’m on my way to my fourth reward gift certificate (over the course of 13 years or whenever they started the program)

  17. I love the film and love Criterion, but already have the 4K release and can’t justify the Criterion price just to add Dolby Vision and a couple extra bonus features. I’m sure it’ll look amazing, though.

  18. I love the film and love Criterion, but already have the 4K release and can’t justify the Criterion price just to add Dolby Vision and a couple extra bonus features. I’m sure it’ll look amazing, though.

  19. I haven’t read this since it was published, but this might be your best hope:

  20. If you don’t have time to build your own, something on here may help you out:

  21. TIL I teach like an associate professor while being paid like an adjunct.

  22. When I was an AC working with O’Connor heads, I was taught to set the drag and counterbalance to zero and leave the pan/tilt unlocked.

  23. I remember the time when I snatched this up out of concern that it was a limited edition…

  24. HDR/Dolby Vision is the headline feature of 4K content.

  25. Yeah, I've been buying my Criterions with the UHD and am looking forward to seeing some of those with the extended dynamic range.

  26. I mentioned this on another post a while back (so pardon any repetition), but over the last few years I've noticed that B&H has some really good deals on things (include camera bags and Sachtler Ace M tripods) during the last week of December. I'm guessing it's something to do with taxes/inventory before the end of the year, but that might be worth looking into as well.

  27. Several years ago I went to see it in a theater and sat down thinking, “I’ve heard this is good but it probably won’t be better than The Seventh Seal.” About two thirds through the film I realized there hadn’t been a false step anywhere. When it was over, I was practically speechless. It’s been my #1 favorite movie ever since.

  28. Yes. The Pickpocket essay by Gary Indiana is garbage so hot even Guy Montag couldn’t touch it. That guy not only didn’t understand the film, his perspective is actively antagonistic towards the message of the movie. Bro, maybe don’t open your essay by talking about your LSD trip. Boomer edgelord nonsense.

  29. I remember being underwhelmed by the film and then the supplements really deepened my appreciation for it; it was likely the video interviews, rather than the essay.

  30. I used to be a 4K snob, I wanted only 4K. I realized that’s a narrow minded way to think. Like others have said, not everything needs to be in 4K. As long as the transfer is good, I’ll take 1080p over not having the movie!

  31. I've always thought quote is interesting:

  32. Pretty much exactly this for a super easy way to get the media digital and to a size that is manageable.

  33. If you ask the old guys in my ward who watch a lot of cable news, they have some pretty specific ideas about that…

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