1. 🎶it’s never who you want to be polyamorous who’s polyamorous🎶

  2. Lol remember a few years ago when she “liked” much tamer statements and claimed she liked them by mistake? How far the mask has flown off

  3. Definitely isn’t any better than “men under 6ft swipe left” y’all are just hypocrites. For the record this guy is insufferable too, both are just wretched

  4. No evidence of any of this, he didn’t even pop up in the Panama papers. Y’all make this sub a joke lol

  5. I’d prefer this over being ghosted or whatever it’s called where the respond less and less every day till fully ghosting. It’s fucking childish, frustrating, and makes me feel like I’m wasting my time

  6. Indiana doesn’t and is only a thirty minute ride away lol

  7. Nah this has been a thing forever. When I was growing up in the 90’s my aunt would always bring me a scorpion lollipop and grub snacks when she came back from Mexico as a gag gift

  8. Remember how Angeal went all winged beast and the SOLDIERs were dying of their mako disease? Cloud probably just going to find the same with Zack, maybe he’ll sprout wings and fly off.

  9. I do hope we get some closure. When they put out advent children, crisis core, and Dirge of Cerberus it seemed like they had some grand plan that just kind of fizzled

  10. I love when we get very original posts like this one

  11. Yeah man fuck people who just got to play all the content because ps5’s have had limited availability amirite?

  12. Tbh it’s my least favorite tales in awhile (aside from xillia) but that being said I LOVE playing as Law

  13. Starwars, why the clone wars revived starwars, and why I hate the sequel trilogy especially when compared against the much better anthology films that came out around the same time

  14. Absolutely. When the black panthers started arming themselves the conservatives changed gun laws

  15. Mauls death didn’t relate to the redemption of one of cinemas greatest big bads.

  16. Really liked fishing in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Final Fantasy 15

  17. Why do y’all young women keep dating men who are far older than you that are clearly colossal losers?

  18. Is Indiana Jones force sensitive? He and Han Solo seem to have the same kind of mystical luck.

  19. He just stole nazi black magic from all the Nazi’s he beat up, obviously

  20. I remember an eu book where a planet was getting hit by orbital bombardment. Han and the rebels were on the planet for some type of negotiation with a man who knew the location of the empire's latest hyperspace regulating weapon. Iirc the millennium falcon was across the city that Solo was in and that area was the target. He somehow survived that despite being so close to the bombardment that he was in range of the turbolaser quakes. In that same novel he questions something along the lines of the force being with him multiple times as well.

  21. I would be very annoyed if him being a force sensitive became canon lol, but for fun fandom discussion why not

  22. Bro how tf does he keep getting these big roles? He’s become such an insufferable goon and his movies turn poison

  23. The post above this one was an ad for a mobile game, proven wrong

  24. Yet another post by a tragically young woman in a relationship with a much older dude that’s got all the emotional maturity of a puddle. Dude clearly sees you as a sex object

  25. Almost every time, companies don’t reward or appreciate going the extra mile any more

  26. It’s weird that I remember this date because we never hung out again after that and it’s fairly insignificant compared to all the dates I’ve been on in my life.

  27. I worked at GameStop for a few years just out of highschool. It started good enough and I made my way up to shift manager in six months but soon after we changed management and it became a shitshow of brain dead negligent leadership, corporate is more of the same, and I could write an encyclopedia of horror stories about the customers as well as a few co workers. I eventually left when they closed our store only giving us a week of notice and offering me a lower position at a further away store lol.

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